Laminin~Louie Giglio

This is the coolest video—KNOW that God is for you. FOR you! Imagine that. The God that cast the stars into the sky from the tips of His fingers—has a plan for your life. Watch the video. Thanks Guy Tatum for an awesome Sunday School lesson this morning…which took my mind back to this very video.

As I sat there this morning…watching the shots taken of space way beyond our finite minds, I instantly thought of Wanda’s life, leaving here—and venturing on a breath-taking journey past all the glories God created! How incredible that must have been! We too, shall one day take that journey. Whether by the calling of our name—or by the calling of the trumpet.

Enjoy the video—and girls….I plan to see you, whether on this side of heaven or that side—so be looking for me!

(Press play Grandbuddy)

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7 responses to “Laminin~Louie Giglio

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Angie,I’ve seen this video before. It is amazing. Only God could do this. How with things such as this and just the amazing beauty around us, can people say there is no God? I mean to just merely study the complexity of the human body, the brain. Not to be to detailed but we recently had a four-week sermons series called “sex and the Creator”. I mean to just think about how man and woman physically “fit” together. How is that by accident or by the blow of the wind? The human mind/body is the most amazing creation and extremely complex even to the detail as described in this video. Praise You Lord for Your mighty creation and plan for us. Love,PaulaPS – I love this song – Do They See Jesus in Me…very worshipful!!!!

  • Linda

    Thank you Angie. Tears of joy!! What an amazing God!

  • Tiffany Stuart

    Love this video. I’ve wanted to post it on my blog too. You beat me to it. I praise the Lord for his amazing ways even more!Thinking of you!

  • Technonana

    Angie… thanks for reminding me of this… my daughter Susanne, posted this very video in the spring… how marvelously and wonderously we are made… that Christ holds us together!!!

  • Marsha

    Great minds think alike! I have this video set to post sometime after I had the time to write about it. I may not do it now that you’ve got it up and Tiffany is also thinking of doing it as well. I’ve got the DVD of this at home – what an awesome God we have!

  • Chris

    Praise God! Praise Jesus! How powerful how holy how I needed to be reminded again and again!Thank you so my dear friend Angie. Thank you for showing me this video and reminding me how powerful and loving He is!!

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