Greasy Rese and the Flop-Eared Three

Just in case you don’t realize—there are 3 posts with slideshows….and it has been difficult getting them to ‘stick’ tonight…so if it doesn’t show up…go to this link:

Greasey Rese and Floppy Earred 3

I knew I shouldn’t have had that iced coffee this evening….3—count ’em 3 slide shows!!! Joanne of “BLESSED”….I thought of YOU a kazillion times this weekend….all the sweet tea you could drink…and pies and cakes….salads, soups, YUM! It was a feast! We were fed every meal by Carmel’s finest cooks —-actually, Carmel Assembly of God is home of the BEST cooks in Holmes County. ACTUALLY, the best cooks in the State of Florida….ACTUALLY…the best cooks in the United STATES!!!

This one was so much fun! Greasy Rese and the Flop-Eared Three made a special guest appearance on Friday Night after the service….Haven’t seen those gals in about 5 years….well, not dressed as they were! (They really have made a CD!)

Pictured are Greasy Rese; Else Corene; Trunie Mae; Flossie Belle; and Greasy Rese’s husband, Smiley Moore. He didn’t have a chance to “get dressed” —but he did “brang” his special “geetar”. Had it made special “fer” him.

Now for those of you that are privileged to know this fine group of women “sangers” they hail from somewhere called “HOGWALLER”. THEY HAVE REALLY CUT A CD—AND YOU CAN BUY ONE! Go to the Carmel Assembly of God link on my sidebar and contact the church. Be SURE and tell them you come by way of Angie’s blog (that would be me)—“the Knightly News”. You can also obtain the CD’s or DVD’s of the services (which were awesome—did I tell you that already??)

Joanne—you will bust a gut laughing at these songs—Rese –ahem, I mean Greasy Rese “writ” them all herself!

(For those of you that can’t believe what you are seeing—-in the group are 2 pastor’s wives, the wife of the Sheriff of Holmes County and the Deputy Clerk of Holmes County. (they may clobber me for telling that!)

See ya’ll—what you have missed? Call the church—or send them an e-mail. Get the services and the CD’s!

One more advertisement—-if you don’t have your PURPLE shirt (which is only $10) that goes to support children’s missions (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge—BGMC), please contact me, or Aimee, or Carmel Assembly. If you remember, it is purple because that is Wanda’s favorite color. Sister’s of Faith is our “sister blog” and the verse is Wanda’s favorite verse! Did you see how pretty the Sneads ladies looked in purple! A color of royalty! You need one too!

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6 responses to “Greasy Rese and the Flop-Eared Three

  • Denise

    I am so enjoying these slideshows, so much fun. Thanks for sharing your awesome weekend sweetie, love you.

  • lori

    Look at you…MULTIPLE slideshows…whoa!!! You go girl!! what a blessed weekend you had!!!Awesome!! I love the shirts!!hey, you just enjoy the “high!!” Wanda is smiling…and watching…:)Have a fabulous Monday!love ya!lori

  • Cheryl

    Angie,I love your slide shows. Thanks for sharing!Thank you for taking the time to sending me the email a week or so ago and thank you so much for your words!Come by and visit! I’ve left you an award! I know you don’t post them on your blog, but I know you like to share with others.Enjoy and be blessed!Cheryl

  • Tracy

    Angie,I’ll have to wait until I get home to watch the videos (they are blocked here at work)…but I read your highlights…boy what a weekend you had! Looking forward to hearing more in the coming weeks! Blessings,Tracy

  • Denise

    Soooooooooo great and I am going to buy me one of them there CD’s……. Loved it loved it….. I think our Father God loves to see His kids laughing and having a good time………. I want a TEE shirt xlarge…… where do I send the money? I will get that right out………Love ya!

  • Joanne

    We’re back from our Disneyland trip. I am finally getting a chance to catch up on my dear friend’s blog :O)You just crack me up Angie, do you know that?!? You have no idea just how much I wish I was sitting next to you and Aimee while you got to drink your sweet tea and hoot and holler out loud at those zany gals. Oh, what fun!Let me just tell you how blessed and how special I feel to have a precious purple t-shirt all my own. As soon as I figure out how to download my pics off of my new camera I will have to model it for you!I can’t bear to think that our time at She Speaks was a two night stand. My prayer is that the Lord will provide for two things..first for the provision so I can attend the speaking track of She Speaks next year, and second – that He would provide so we can take the family on a cross country road trip next summer. You would see me for sure then. I would love to introduce my family to yours. I told you before I ever met you that I look forward to meeting Wanda one day in Heaven. Well my friend, I feel I have already met a piece of her in the both of you.You weren’t lying when you said she was beautiful inside and out…I know this is true because so are the both of you.Love you friend, Joanne

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