Hope for Each Day

My little friend Cheryl, of Hope for Each Day has blessed me with an award. Cheryl is such a kind hearted follower of God~her heart for Christ shines through her blog. Thank you Cheryl.

She knows how I feel about receiving awards, I appreciate them, but don’t post them on my blog. It is not about awards—it’s about sharing God. Sharing His love so great that He willingly gave His only Son for my wretched sinful life. Only HE deserves awards. So while I do appreciate your incredible heart and thoughtfulness, I know you understand why I don’t display them.

I was browsing blogs yesterday and noticed a blog (Christian themed) that seemed a bit down and out. She wanted to be an uplifter—an encourager, but she seemed lonely. She stated that she might discontinue blogging because she felt it didn’t matter. She thought she wasn’t having an affect on others. But you NEVER know who is reading…and what YOU say THAT day may alter a persons life for the better!

Ladies, let me encourage you, if you feel this way—don’t lose heart. Don’t stop your internet-mission field work because you feel you don’t have enough “readers”. If you are “counting the comments”—remember what I said a while back?—-What I felt in my spirit—“it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the message“.

If that is what we are looking for—we’ve missed the point. How many blogs do you read and never comment on? I read many. When something strikes a chord in my spirit, I comment. But I rarely comment on every one. Do you realize how much time that would take?

Something else that I do—especially if I don’t have time to comment—pray. You can pray ANYTIME—ALL THE TIME—FOR THEIR NEEDS.

For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: (Matthew 25:35 KJV)

The words you pen are meat and bread for the hungry, water from the Living Lamb for the thirsty, even a comfortable place to rest for the weary soul. Ladies—don’t give up. No matter how disheartened you may feel today. Keep persevering. Keep typing, reading, studying and blogging. It is all for the glory of His eternal kingdom. This may be a testing time. Be obedient.

I am listening Lord…

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14 responses to “Hope for Each Day

  • Cheryl

    Angie,Well said! Having someone pray for me, my family or circumstances is such a wonderful gift. I would take that any day over comment(s).The words God gives you are such a blessing. Thank you for your encouragement today!Blessings!Cheryl

  • Peggy

    Angie…I understand exactly what you are saying …the praise and honor AWARD does go to HIM, OUR LORD! I came to congratulate you but was moved by your heart! I see why Cheryl chose you as one of her recipients!I, too, do like you, but there are days when I do take not just the time to PRAY for the person of the blog or the situation but I do write a comment…and it does take alot of time to exhort & encourage.But I can’t be much of a Christian if I just pass them by…I feel like that discouraged blogger many times when I see a BIG “0” by comments and I do take it personally, at first…and say..see…another post bites the dust…I use to throw them into “draft” cuz I felt they didn’t minister and needed a polish or touch from God to “zap”His Life into my words…but you’re right…the focus is JESUS and HIS WORDS!So, does this mean you’re not passing it on to 5 with the love of Jesus! Maybe especially to that BLOG that needs ENCOURAGEMENT! I am asking you to reconsider…it’s only 5!!! Keep the LOVE of Jesus alive!Your scripture and conclusion,tell me that you are listening to HIM!Bless your trust and keep blogging!

  • Denise

    I totally agree my dear friend. It should not matter how many comments you get, but how many hearts are you reaching out to for the Lord. I love you.

  • Heather@Mommymonk

    Angie – what an encouraging post! It’s so easy to forget what an impact our words can have. Sometimes, I still have people reading some post I wrote a year ago. Glad I DIDN’t put it in the draft pile. You never know who it might touch and we don’t always get to know how our actions have affected others either.Hey, how are things going for you on the writing end?

  • Linda

    You always write with such insight and wisdom Angie. I have to admit that I have had those very thoughts and nearly walked away from this several times (as recently as today!). Thank you for your encouraging words.

  • lori

    for what it’s worth…I couldn’t have said it better myself…:)love you!😉

  • Darlene

    Great way to put it! I agree with what you said. I often read but don’t post comments. Lately, I have tried to post a comment..but not always. It is sad to see 0 comments ….but you can’t take it personal. Keep your chin up and start the next post…is what I say.Thanks for the encouragement and reminding me to not to sweat the small stuff!Blessings,Darlene

  • Denise

    Oh…..how true…. I was so worried when I first started blogging that no one would read it…. I wanted so much to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and right now the blog is a wonderful medium…. It has been over a year now and somedays there are two comments and some days there are 20……. I am bless and I know that my Father God in in total control……..Even on the Internet!Love your post sweetie……

  • Angie

    First—ladies—thank you all for your sweet words!Second—I need to clarify. When I was about to post this one—I had my 5 choices selected. I had their blog site coded in…and then just before I hit publish—I felt a STRONG prompting to erase the names. The thought that came next was the “feeling” of youthful ball field choosings. Being the last one picked is not fun. EVEN though we have such an incredible group of Christian women bloggers—that does not exempt us—any of us—from the attack of the enemy. I know exactly what he would have said to a soul struggling with self-esteem issues. He would have discouraged them further with their sweet blogging.So—for that reason—I erased the names—and chose to obey the prompting.Who knows—it may not have been for this time—but for a reader that possibly would land on this post in a month or two.You are all precious!

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    I have come here from, I don’t know where…,maybe Cheryl. I was so touched by your posting here. I, too, have been right in that so very familiar spot counting those dog gone comments and putting power in them. I love comments as I know we all do. I get so much encouragement from them. Right when I think I’ve failed the Lord in my writings, others so richly bless me with encouragement. I have been humbled by some of the comments not feeling worthy of them. As I listen to the song on your blog now, GOD IS ABLE. It is also saying “don’t you dare give up, give in.” smiling here. God spoke and I created my blog in April. I’m blow away at what He has been able to do THRU me by blessing and encouraging others. It is truly an honor to serve Him and to be able to see the fruits of it. I want to also commend you for heeding to the instruction of the Spirit. I read your comment above and I think that takes strength and obedience to follow Him even when we don’t understand why. I’ve received the award three times and to show how humbly they mean to me, I have posted them in my side bar. I was the same as you, afraid to choose five and make someone feel “less”.I’m glad I found you today. In Him,Paula

  • Technonana

    You are oh so right, Angie… you never know who is “listening” and who needs your voice to encourage them… YOU JUST MAY BE THE ONLY JESUS THEY SEE. Praise God, for encouragers!!

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    Right on target, per usual, friend. Thanks for the email. You’ll never know how perfectly timed it is.Love u~elaine

  • Bernadine

    Angie, I love this post. I’m a regular visiter to quite a few blogs but not much of a commenter because in all honesty sometimes it’s hard to put into words what a particular post means to me although I’m touched by it, but I do pray whenever I sense a need.Thanks for sharing, God is indeed guiding you as you write.

  • Kathy S.

    Angie, you are such a precious encourager!

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