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September 1—the Bible Study

Don’t forget….Beginning September 1, you will find me over at Sisters of Faith! The first day of our Bible Study! There is still time to get a book and get started!

We will be having a give-away at the end for all the participants of the study as well! Lori of “All You Have to Give” has made us this incredible button that you can add to your blog if you want to!

See ya’ll there!

Upcoming Give-away!

I have NEWS NEWS NEWS! You all KNOW how I love a give-away…I love to give—and I even enter one from time to time! I actually WON two recently! An awesome book for Family History from Laura—Woman in the Tent; and a bag, notebook and picture from Denise of Sew the Word! BUT a new GIVEAWAY is on the horizon….and I am gonna let you in on the secret….

Go to my GOOOOOOD friend, Laurel Wreaths Reflections….YOU will absolutely love it! (She sort of told me what was going on!)


Just when you think you are swimming serenly alone, you find yourself suddenly surrounded by a cloud of Baitfish. Just as this picture of the Sea Turtle, he was minding his own business and became enveloped by the Baitfish. The Baitfish are EXACTLY what the name implies. Bait. For bigger fish.

For the REST of the STORY…head over to Laced with GRACE….that is where I will be on Thursday!

Credit for the photo—Diver/Attorney—Thanks R.E.C.! Credit for any big words I use–Attorney/English Professor—Thanks D.J.


I am thankful for a kazillion things today….but to name just a few:

The tree tops that came crashing down on Friday night during the passing storm fell in the driveway of the neighbor….instead of on top of our heads as we lay sleeping. (Of COURSE this woke me up!);

I am thankful that EVEN THOUGH the freezer died today…the meat was still cold and Jeff was able to find someone that could use it immediately;

I am thankful that all the WATER resulting from said freezer death (as in melted ice), did not ruin anything in the laundry room;

I am thankful that we were all together for my mother-in-law’s 78th birthday this past Saturday;

I am thankful to have an incredible family and some pretty awesome friends!

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with and come to know and love Katie Bell for the past several weeks—pray for her as she travels to Scottland!

I am thankful for you! YOU—the reader—who takes time out of your busy schedule to listen to me ramble—sometimes whine—but hopefully, and MOSTLY share about the goodness and mercy of God. YOU are a blessing.

Be sure you visit Iris for more thankful hearts! Your day will be full of blessings as you join us in counting ours!

Wednesday…I am over at the Cafe`

Today you will find me at the `Cafe. The Internet `Cafe!

….but while you are there…just above my devotion you will find a heartbreaking note from our site administrators. Marsha and David Drew lost their 3 year old son last evening in an accident. PLEASE be in prayer for them.

For all the Prodigals Out There

If you know a prodigal….have a prodigal…or was a prodigal…or maybe, just maybe you happened here today and you are a prodigal…this song is for you.

Phillips, Craig & Dean—awesome music. Powerful message.

Okay—ya’ll….don’t laugh!

It is amazing how nervous I was while trying to do this! Ya’ll don’t laugh… Aimee and I are planning of a little “pre-Bible Study” get together….so this was my way of experimenting! AND ELAINE…I did HUG your neck in the first CLASS and I was so nervous….I forgot to mention your name!!! Please forgive!

DON’T LAUGH! I had such a hard time with this…I KNOW I sound “country”…can’t really help it! But—hey…we all come from somewhere! Where do you come from??