Day Two—Women’s Camp Meeting!

I am having SO MUCH trouble with this slide show. If it doesn’t appear on this blogpost, please click this link to go directly to my picasa photos.

Tea Time and Siesta Time-Carmel Womens Campmeeting

These are some awesome “Sisters of Faith”….precious Sneads A/G women of faith! These were taken at my mother’s house on Friday morning–second day of the Women’s Conference.

I promised them I wouldn’t use their names….but you may recognize my mother and my sister—I left the camera with Aimee on Friday (because this sister of faith had to work), and she took some great pictures of the Tea at the Church; the “faith-sisters-sleeping” and then I arrived home just in time for the “Mary Kay Makeover” session! It was a blast!

I would encourage you—plan to attend the conference next year. It takes place around the same time every year. I will find out the dates and let you know in plenty of time to “book-your-flight”. The conference itself is free. You pay for your room and food! My mother was hostess to several of the sweet “sisters” from Sneads Assembly of God~and I was able to join in the fun this year! What an incredible blessing~of course I can’t name names….but they were awesome!

Sneads girls, I know exactly why Aimee and Juno love you all so much! You are easy to love!!

Now don’t forget, if you want to be involved in our September Online Bible Study, see Sister Janice or Aimee to find out the best place to get your book! LifeWay in Dothan currently has them in stock, or you may order online through Christian Book Distributors.

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