Daily Archives: July 9, 2008


Sometimes….okay, most all the time, the Lord completely blows me away with His goodness and love. It shouldn’t. I mean the Bible says He loves us….why do we forget?

Take this for instance: I was sick this week—yucky down in the bed–bathroom—sick. And my dear sweet man brought me drink (sprite), my Mama Doodle brought me better drink (ginger ale), and then my sweet man brought his lunch in from the “camp cafeteria”….are you gettin’ the picture…or should I say, are you smellin’ the smell??? To a sick person—this was –this was—okay, right now, the worse word for this can’t come to my brain, very possibly because it has left me! But it was bad. Trust me.

But what does the Lord do? He reminds me of the fact that I have Vick’s Vapor ointment—put it on a Q-Tip —and you get the picture. Even better than that—when my Mama Doodle brought me the drink, she brought a sweet gift from her sweet girl (who is far away in a distant land teaching children)….a softly scented candle—lightly scented of chocolate and vanilla. I knew that as soon as I was well, this candle would possibly be eaten. But right now, I just needed it to take the smell of cafeteria spaghetti from my nose!

And so it was. I took the lid off, set it on my bedside table and let the aroma fill my room. Of course, even the sweet smell could only be tolerated for a short period of time. After my next trip to the bathroom, the lid went back on. But it served the purpose. Smell obliterated.

BUT then today, as I was finishing the “getting ready” for work process…my sweet man, came to give me my morning hug…and he obliterated the smell of cafeteria spaghetti once again, when he held me close and prayed to our Father in heaven for strength to return to my body and protection over my day, and he blessed my day—-then wrapped it up with a sweet “I love you”. Girls, the make-up had to be “touched-up” because I became a puddle and you KNOW that is better than ANY present on this earth. And I told him so.

Thank you LORD for the kindness of others. For Your infinite love and mercy—for YOUR healing power—for I KNOW there were those precious ones praying! Thank You for forgiveness—for showing me DAILY that YOU love me always—and are always here for me.

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Sorry Ya’ll

I have been sssiiiccckkk…..yuk!

We will return to your regular programing momentarily….(well, maybe not momentarily, but for sure before the week is out!)