Carmel Assembly of God Summer Women’s Campmeeting

Take a peek through the slide-show and you may even “feel” the Spirit of the Lord from the camp meeting style services at my home church, Carmel Assembly of God.

We had a wonderful time as the Lord moved in our midst. Rese Moore, wife of Pastor Tommy Moore brought a powerful message on Thursday night– “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down”. She shared with us the secret of the Process, Power, Praise, Presence, Perseverance, “Peep Less” (sometimes we need to not utter a “peep”—i.e., shut-our-mouth), the Proclamation —and then possessing our PROMISE from the LORD!

To obtain the promises of the Lord…we must allow the Holy Spirit to move in our lives, reveal to us the walls that we have erected —and TEAR them DOWN! I won’t re-preach Rese’s message—but I would like to share with you something I felt in my heart as she was preaching—

We all—-yes, ALL have walls of some sort in our lives. Whether they were built of our choosing, or by the actions of another, we have allowed them to remain. We have accustomed ourselves to looking at them so long until we feel they are “permanent”. We have even decorated them—causing them to feel like part of us. But it is time—if we want to go further than we’ve ever experienced with God, that we began to disassemble the walls. Whether you need a crow-bar; a sledge hammer; a crane; or one of the mighty “earth moving machines” from the Caterpillar company, it is high time we made ourselves busy with the “doing” of life renovation. Tear down the walls.

What are some of the walls? Rese mentioned many, I’ll share hers and a few more: Walls of Neglect; Walls of Abuse; Walls of Adultery; Walls of Shame; Walls of Fear; Walls of Self-Righteousness; Walls of Pride; Walls of Idolatry; Walls of Sexual Immorality; Walls of Rebellion; Walls of Unbelief; Walls of Hatred; Walls of Hypocrisy; Walls of Envy; Walls of Gossipping; Walls of Doubt; Walls of Carelessness; and Walls of Disobedience. The list can go on and on.

It prompted me to take a long look into my own heart and life. I found myself asking God to reveal ANY wall, ANY hindrance, ANY THING that might separate me from the LOVE of God the Father and life eternal.

I urge you to get your Bible and read Romans 1:18-32. Read it in the King James Version; then the New International Version; and the Amplified Version. Whatever version you choose (I encourage you to read it in all of them), ask the Lord to reveal any place in your heart of life that needs His divine attention.

I have been prompted to deal with some issues in the next few weeks online that I had skirted around before. But girls, I’m not in this for a popularity contest. If you want to read what might be popular—I confess you won’t find it here in the next several weeks. Time is past for neglecting the issues facing us today. I may get hard—maybe more than some are accustomed. But I have to empty my heart of what the Lord lays on it. Otherwise, I will find myself in disobedience. If you read my post with Laced With Grace this past week, you will know—I intend to obey.

“Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace;” Romans 8:5 & 6 NIV (emphasis mine)

Ladies, it may be time to “adjust” the setting of our minds. I know for me it is. I intend to use concrete.

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3 responses to “Carmel Assembly of God Summer Women’s Campmeeting

  • Denise

    Praise God for the stirring up of your faithful heart my dear friend. I wish I could have been there with you this weekend, my heart and prayers were there. I look forward to what you will be sharing, bless you sweetie.

  • Sharon

    Hi Angie!First time to your blog. :0)It’s funny you are talking about walls we have built up around us. Yesterday morning, during the AM Service the Lord gave me a similar “vision”. During our PM Prayer Service, the Lord “explained” the vision to me. The difference to Him is looking at a cocoon where you sometimes see ‘movement’ to know something is alive in there, to looking at a beautiful butterfly, with it’s wings expanded. There’s more, but that’s the ‘basis’.Thank you so much for this post today!BTW- I’m an Assemblies of God Pastor’s wife in Indiana. I’d like to invite you to join Assembly of God Blogs. You sign up, but some code on your blog, and can be done in less than five minutes. I do hope you’ll join this growing online community! (Go to my blog A Hoosier Family, click the Assembly of God Blogs tab under header for more info.)Blessings!~Sharon~A Hoosier Family (personal blog) of God Blogs

  • Chris

    I’m gonna read your thoughts and I intend to grow by applying them to my heart. I’ve built “walls” myself. God is showing me it’s time to go a whole new direction~~~scary, but I trust Him. Your card is still taped onto my bathroom mirror. I read your loving words every morning and every evening. I’m reading Acts right now too…Bless you my sister.

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