And the WINNER IS…….

Drum roll please……

The Custom Random Number Generator picked Darnelle!!! How very exciting!

I will e-mail you shortly to get your info! Congratulations dear sister! Wear the purple shirt with the blessings of the “sisters”!

If anyone would like to purchase a shirt, they are only $10 and all monies go directly to BGMC.

BGMC has a two-fold purpose:

1. To reach the children of the world.
2. To create a heart of compassion in children.

BGMC Vision Slogan: Equipping kids to know, care, pray, give, and reach the lost.

BGMC especially tries to target the children of the world by providing for street kids, orphanages, feeding programs, school supplies, sending kids to camps, the making of children’s TV programs and videos, and lots more!

To read more about what BGMC does and to become involved in your area, go here.

So head on over and congratulate my sweet friend Darnelle! She has been a blessing in my life by her incredibly inspired writings and you will be blessed there as well! The girl has a heart after God!

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