Daily Archives: March 21, 2008

You’ve Made My Day!

First…I must thank Chelle` over at “The World of Chelle`”—girl—you brought tears to my eyes! I deserve no awards….all awards go directly to My FATHER! He has done great things—in my life—and I am nothing. But He is EVERYTHING!

When I saw this award—I new instantly who I would love to give this to.

This year has been filled with emotional ups and downs. From finding out we were going to be grandparents again (Yipee!), to losing one of my two best friends—my sister, Wanda. My daily calls with my baby sister, Aimee fills me with much joy among the tears that we share. Thank you Lord…for this blessed gift of a sister/best friend/confidante.

Now, to the award. This special friend has blessed me every.single.day. with an e-mail of encouragement and kindness. On weekends I don’t usually get on the computer at all…but when Monday rolls around, I have a full inbox of sweet surprises from this sweet soul. I have many sweet friends to give this to—but Denise—you are constantly amazing me with your goodness to others. In every difficult thing that has come your way, you choose to be a victor—and not a victim. You choose to become better—instead of bitter. You choose Christ—and girl —He shines forth from your heart in everything you do like the noon-day sun! I love you sweet Denise–you amaze me. You are a blessing to HIM. And every life you touch.

So, without further ado….Denise—I applaud you—-for being the light for the lost….the reaching arm for those of us that have felt in pain. You have brought comfort to my heart and and much joy to my soul! God bless you Denise! Thank you sweet friend!