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Contest!!! Yipee!

Sponsored by Art Bookbindery

Calling all writers! Click on the link button above and enter the new writing contest at Christian Women Online Magazine.

Once again, Christian Women Online, in conjunction with Art Bookbindery, is sponsoring the “Her Life Reflected,” writing contest. They are looking for essays that tell us how your mother, or a mother that you know has reflected the heart of our Heavenly Father in her life. The winning essay will be one that is both written well, and of most importance, one that reflects God as being the central focus of one’s life.

THERE IS A CASH PRIZE offered—along with some great books, a new coffee mug, Music! Wow! How can you resist?

Never thought about writing…? Well, give it a shot! Pray about it—write about her! Someone must have inspired you to be who you are! Tell us! Click on the button and find out the details!

I wish I could enter…but I can’t—contest rules and all that stuff—since I am a regular contributor to CWO Internet Cafe…..but if you can….do it! Do it now!

I cannot wait to read what you have written!

Who are YOU?

I thought this was a neat quiz….pop over and check yourself out!

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

I have seen the movie—enjoyed it very much…have the book…(somewhere!)

Also, a bit of trivia for you…I will be having a “mother’s day give-away”….and from now until then, I will post a “hint” or two settled deeply inside each devotional post….so, you will have to read carefully and when you comment, tell me what you think the “hint” was!

The first one will be easy…***she is a mom***. The next ones may not be as easy.
I think this will be fun! So, join me as we journey to “Mother’s Day”. A day I am thilled to share with my sweet Mother!

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Come on over….I was a little late getting here today….but I’m here now! So grab your cup of coffe—pull up a chair….get settled in and read on! Click the link button—you may have some catching up to do!