Daily Archives: March 4, 2008


My sister, Aimee called me Sunday afternoon and said, “the ladies are so excited that you are coming to speak!”….I said real quick like….”well, they better get over it!—I am nothing to be excited about!” But Jesus is. Actually, I am the one that is excited. I am excited that the Lord has allowed me a voice to share His mercy and goodness to any person with ears! Whether they want to hear it or not….and you know, every now and then you come across someone that “does not want to hear”.

Join me on Wednesday….let’s deal with our stuff! (Note to Sneads Assembly of God Women’s Ministry group at the bottom!)

Sister Janice and the Sneads Assembly Women’s Ministry group…thank you from the bottom of my heart for the invitation to share my heart. The “Willow Tree” Angel was an awesome gift! I am grateful for each of you. You are such a blessing to me!

I know exactly why Aimee loves each one of you so much! She has been so encouraged as each of you in your own sweet way, has reached out and ministered to her in her heartache. That has blessed me as well. Knowing she is loved and cared for in the way that you have done. (I know that each of you are praying for Tiffany and her family as well! Thank you for that!)

So ladies….clean out all that stuff….make room for more Jesus! (That’s what I’m doing!) He will fill every nook and cranny that we make available! I love you all.

Contest Anyone?

Exciting NEWS!!!

The writers at Laced With Grace want to thank you for sharing in the hope we have through Jesus Christ. Your comments, encouragement, and support are priceless. We know there are many demands on your time and are deeply touched that you choose to spend a few minutes with us during your day. To share our appreciation, we are offering a contest for our readers.

This conference offers something for everyone. The conference date is June 20- 22, 2008 and will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel Resort & Conference Center in Concord, North Carolina. In addition to the writing, speaking and ministry tracks offered this year the conference is including workshops tailored for bloggers. To read more about She Speaks (click here).

To find out how to enter the contest….head over to Laced with Grace! Click here!