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And the Lord Showed Up!

Can I just tell you how busy I’ve been?….You too? Well, I really missed that hour sleep!

We had a busy weekend…don’t remember what I ate…but know I must have…I don’t remember each step I took…but I know I’m tired.

We had “little guests” and I worked hard on the house all day Saturday trying to get the excess “stuff” dealt with! (From the apartment) Slowly but surely…it is taken care of.

We have had so much going on—these past several weeks and Jeff and I have tried to “plan a few days away” several times and due to someone “tampering with” the set calendar at his office…we have had to change our plans….over and over. Reservations made and cancelled. Frustrating. I have felt “overlooked”…he has felt “on the back burner”…you know what I mean?

I was thinking today about how we go about our business of living each day…and so often put Jesus on the “back burner”….overlook Him in the process of living life…we neglect the “Giver of life”. I think it all goes back to “too much stuff“. Either too much going on….or we have all too much that consumes our time by having to tend to the “things” we thought we had to have. All about “stuff”. One way or another.

Tonight at church the Lord brought a special message—reminding us to “Call on Him”. That He knows us by name. Each one. Is that hard to imagine? It is for me sometimes.

Let me tell you what happened between me leaving work on Friday and Saturday when the wild indians invaded—ahemmm—I mean little boys came to stay the night.

Friday afternoon, I was driving home from work…a rough week in itself….and the thoughts of all the mess that I had to deal with at home was just making me tired! But as I was driving, I had been listening to some praise music…(gotta have it)….and talking to the Lord….(yes, out loud.) And I just told Him, “Lord, I really need Your help tomorrow. I would just love it if You’d show up and help me get all that stuff dealt with!” I said all this thinking that maybe He would speak to my mother’s heart….or my sister, Aimee’s heart…you know….like, “Go ye and help thy sister and thy daughter!”….well, maybe not quite like that but you get the point. I NEEDED some flesh and bones help for cryin’ out loud! Physical labor we are talking about!

Anyway, I finished up that prayer at some point and drove on home and then talked with Mother and knew that she would be unavailable…then my sister Aimee….unavailable…so I just thought…”it’s gonna be You and me Lord!”

Well, early Saturday morning, I jumped up out of bed filled with excitement about the prospect of doing it all myself!….


What happened was is this. I got up…after scrounging for some breakfast, realized the milk was a day old and would not touch it, I made a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then I put on T.D. Jakes CD “Woman, Thou art Loosed”….it is a little bit of preach…and a little bit of singing…and a whole lot of worshipping the Lord! So…while we got us some T.D. going…I got started. But, I invited the Lord and He SHOWED UP! You think I’m kidding? Girl, I am a long way from kidding.

I did me some singing…I did me some dancing…I did me some furniture moving…I did me some cleaning…I did me some picture hanging…I did me some praying…I did me a lot of talking to the Lord. Out loud. My house. He hears me all the time. It does not shock Him or anything to “hear me”. He knows the sound of my voice. If I have already upset you….shut this down…it will get worse. Maybe you don’t sing and dance before the Lord….go ahead and get off this page…move on to someone else.

Let me ask you this….where do bad thoughts come from? The devil. Right. So, where do good thoughts come from? Paul admonishes us to “think on good things”…I try…really. But ever now and then, a bad thought pops in my head. Sometimes on a daily basis. On a bad day….they pop in several times a day. Like when someone is playing their rap noise…I mean music so loud I can’t hear myself think…much less listen to what I’ve got on my car radio…and my windows are rolled up! My bad thought is —“I wish I had my baseball bat…I would fix their car radio….right there on the highway!” See…bad thought. From a very angry heart. Not Christlike at all.

So if bad thoughts come from the devil…and good thoughts come from the Holy Spirit…that would mean…to me…that “good common sense” is a gift from the Lord. Okay, don’t laugh….but Saturday while I was working away…I had gotten to the point of needing to move the dining room table. Remember I had been moving…cleaning, dancing, praising, rearranging, etc., all morning…just me and Jesus. Oh, don’t forget T.D. Jakes was involved in keeping my “dancing heart light”. So, here I call Jeff to see where he was in his work on the buildings at the camp. He’s at Lowe’s… again, it’s just me and Jesus. Well, I go to to the dinning table and look at it. Knowing I can’t move it.

Thought pops in my head…tip it on it’s side and just roll it to the other room….hmmmm. Okay, maybe I can do that. So, Mighty Woman here tips the table over and rolls it all the way through the living room to the hall way to the door that it won’t possibly fit through…no amount of twisting…turning or shoving will convince this table to become a moldable piece of clay and just “move on in”. A potter I am not.

Thought number two pops in my head. Lay it on it’s back and take the leg unit off. Hmmmm…..okay, I am now in search of Jeff’s cordless drill. Found it! Pedestal legs come off…table top rolled in…Pedestal leg pulled in and screwed back down…and viola`….table in place.

Mr. Husband…sweet man known at other times, walks in and says, “Miss Impatient…you just can’t wait on me can you?”….I looked at him in all sweet innocence and said, “The Lord helped me”….well after a conversation that made him think I was being “sacrilegious” or either had been smelling some bathroom cleaner that had missplaced some brain cells, he helped me with something else and then went back to work. So did I. Me and Jesus. I made up my own song—(had to, the electricity went off for several hours), I like to work to music…I kind of think that Jesus does too.

So, when your sister can’t help you…and your mother can’t help you….invite the Lord….I tell you the truth…you will have a grand time with Him! Promise!

I’ve still got lots to do!

7 thoughts on “And the Lord Showed Up!”

  1. Angie,Yess!!! You invited Him in and you had a party! A cleanin’ decoratin’ organizin’ party!!! I can “see” you doing all this singing and working…How beautiful you are my friend! How full of Jesus!

  2. I swear…noone can write like they TALK…but you do…..I have to admit…you got me…right here!“On a bad day….they pop in several times a day. Like when someone is playing their rap noise…I mean music so loud I can’t hear myself think…much less listen to what I’ve got on my car radio…and my windows are rolled up! My bad thought is —“I wish I had my baseball bat…I would fix their car radio….right there on the highway!” See…bad thought. From a very angry heart. Not Christlike at all.”been there, done that….sometimes daily…with you sister!I do try…I tell you, I talk to Him, all the time…NOONE else wants to hear me incessantly banter on and on….about THIS AND THAT…and a bathroom that NEVER stays clean enough…don’t even start me on the TUB….but…some good music, some time with Him and I’m ok….I have to LAUGH out loud…I try and conquer it all myself…have removed a few legs too, just to FIT it through the door…reassembled just before Scott arrives to “assess” the damage…and there usually is some…and he usually says EXACTLY what your man did…”Miss Impatient…couldn’t you just WAIT for me…???” HA!!! they would get along FAMOUSLY…just talking about us!!so when my sister can’t help me, and my mom won’t help me…my kids are OUTTA HERE, and Scott is at Lowes….You gotta invite the Lord…I’ll try you too…if you’re not busy cleaning a tub!!good night girlfriend!!you made me laugh and think….you sound like you are coming up for a bit of air!love you!lori

  3. Hi Angie!Thanks for stopping by. I love the song “He Knows my Name,” especially the worship DVD of it. Check it out sometime – iworship.Grins

  4. I’m with you on this….inviting Jesus to come and get you going on something. It truly does work. And I have discovered that Jesus is awesomely creative as He pumps His ideas into my head.I also can relate to the “craziness of this world” we live in. My husband and I were away for the weekend. The cabin we were staying in had frequent visitors….WASPS. Papa used it to tell me more about Him and this crazy life. I wrote about it on my blog. I love when He does that with me.Have a blessed day,Julie

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