Got Peace?

Here I go, first step – first baby blog. I finally did it, does this impress you Angie, that I can actually do something technical. Well, it will impress my teenage daughter, Valaree. Before this was posted Angie checked it so, if something is wrong with it, she proof read it.
From the start, lets get this straight: Angie is the oldest sister, Wanda is the “middle” sister, and I’m the baby sister. I figured I needed to enlighten everyone on this, out in blogville! Okay, Angie I’ll get to the blog. (Aimee, you are a real stinker for this!)
A few weeks ago the Lord blessed my heart with some thoughts on this verse and I wrote it down: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts” Colossians 3:15.

What is the opposite of peace? Maybe restlessness. How do you let Christ’s peace rule? When things are in utter chaos and everything seems a mess (the Lord gave me this thought at the end of November)- you give God the entirety of the situation. There is nothing I can do that can bring peace – it must come from Him. Let God take charge! Christ’s peace is not a denial of the circumstances, but instead a commitment to the fact that He is enough for your circumstances- my circumstances. When we put God in the driver’s seat and we relax in peace, then He will get us there, and on time, He rules! There is a certain saying – “Girls rule.” Well, my view is: God rules. At least, I want Him to – only then do we have true peace.
Recently, I made a decision. Prayed about it, but no answer – “Silence gives consent,” right? Not always. I made a drastic job change. Thinking I needed a retirement plan, I needed more benefits, better pay, etc… Nothing is wrong with this idea, except what’s the cost – peace?
That’s a high price to pay! When I think of peace, I picture a hoola hoop of stress around a person, but the person in the center remains calm, stable, controlled. You can’t hoola hoop if you lose the rhythm or focus. If you lose the centrifugal force of stability, the hoop will always come tumbling down around you. Look at Abraham and Sarah, promised a son – felt like they had to wait too long. “Maybe God needed some help,” or so they thought. This promise seemed impossible from the natural stand-point. They decided to take their puzzle and force it together like some miss-matched puzzle pieces, and what they got was a distorted picture, no peace – utter chaos, turmoil – and hurt people.
They decided having Hagar in the picture was not quite what God had in mind. They didn’t see the whole picture, only the puzzle pieces they had. If only they would have waited for the Master to take the right pieces and bring peace.
Speaking of peace, what about poor Peter? The storm raged many times in his life and Jesus had calmed the storm. Walking on water seemed like a good idea. Might be better than riding in a boat, maybe some extra “benefits” and might even draw a crowd. It even sounded fun! – But when his focus changed, his eyes were not on Jesus – they were in the beginning, but not right now, and maybe he had been thinking, “I can do this on my own”, however; when the stormy sea started slapping around his legs, the fear came – no peace.
The saying is true, “No God, no peace; know God, know peace.” He can give the peace in your heart, just bring Him all your pieces. Our ways are not His ways, and our thoughts are not always in line with His. Waiting can be tough, but hold on, it’s easier to wait with peace than being pieced together.
Once, I was making a dress. I laid the pattern out wrong and ended up not having enough material to cut the whole thing out (now I remember why I don’t sew), so I had to piece it together. (I don’t think I wore it, if I did, it was only on Wednesday night. Ha! Ha!)
If I had only read the directions, or maybe sought some help rather than rush – that crazy dress might still be in my closet!
Allow God to give you peace in the stormy places. The peace that God gives is fulfilling. Peace is a quiet place – let’s go to that quiet place and rest in Him.

Keeping the Faith,

The Sisters (Aimee)

Thank you for reading my “book” that my husband said I wrote. I just had a heart full of things to say. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear? Do you like that for an ending Angie? (They say that on the Beverly Hillbilly’s, Wanda!) —Aimee, I left that in on purpose!

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