The Random Number Picker Thingy

Well—the day has arrived! I confess, I would love to give away one of these to each of you! You are all so special to me! I am thankful that I had 23 participants (one individual e-mailed in–sweet Miss Mary posted a comment twice but her name was entered only once).
And the winner is………..The Woman in the Tent!
Congratulations!!! I will be contacting you today to get your address, etc. If you happen to pop over here….feel free to contact me first!
Again, I congratulate you on being the recipient of the “gift of His Word”! May God bless you each time you listen!

4 thoughts on “The Random Number Picker Thingy”

  1. Stop by today and participate in my meme.. I would love to have you participate. Plus, I have been wanting to talk to you about Autism, and I have not been able to get it out in a email. Would you send me your phone number and I can call you (I have free long distance)? You can post it as a comment on my blog, and I won’t post it for everyone to see. I am better on the phone.. Thanks…

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