Blessings of Christmas

Sorry about my absence. I have been down in my back.

Thank you April for decorating my Christmas tree! That is a huge load off. Tiffany came over and set up the Nativity scene. Jeff has been cooking….and laundry….and I have been “resting”. Do you know how much I dislike “laying around”? If you know me at all….you know that I must be active—-all—-the—-time. Tonight, I am laying here…with my laptop propped up on my legs….it is not comfortable and I can only do this for short intervals. I tried checking e-mail. Only could read two and answered one. Sorry. I have to change positions frequently. Keep praying….I appreciate it and love your encouraging e-mails.

Be blessed!

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7 responses to “Blessings of Christmas

  • ellen b.

    I had a “feeling” something was up with you. I’m glad you are being well cared for. I will continue to pray that God heals you up real quick dear one!

  • Laurel Wreath

    Praying for you. I love the pictures, great job on the tree.

  • Linda

    I’ll be praying for you Angie. I know how hard it is to be laid up like that. I pray the Lord will use this time to bless you in a special way.

  • Robin

    Oh Angie, I will be praying for you! How nice to have loved ones do so much for you – a true blessing indeed! I wish I were nearby – I would love to help you do something.Get well soon friend!

  • Nise'

    Will be praying for you! I know what it is to be laid up with back problems. Mine is giving me fits at the moment too!

  • Vicki

    Oh my dear friend….I so hope you’re feeling better soon. What a beautiful tree! I will continue praying for your back as I know the pain all too well. It’s so hard to be incapacitated. I pray the Lord will comfort you with peace of heart and the beauty of His ya,Vicki

  • lori

    oh Angie….what blessings you have around you…the tree is beautiful. I understand the spirit all to well, the spirit that moves constantly…HE has you resting for a reason, you KNOW that…I have been where you are, several times, FLAT on my back…very vulnerable, at the mercy of others…time for the server to be served…Praying for you, praying for healing and praying that you will moving around like the ‘energizer bunny’ in no time!peace and hugs,lori

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