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From Chipley, Kinard, and Marianna, Florida–all the way to Bolivia

Where do I begin?  I hardly know.

I have watched a young couple become so in love with the people, the mission, and more with Jesus than one would imagine, especially since they already loved Jesus.

I have watched our daughter lead our team to teach, encourage, bless and bring out the giggles in hundreds of children, through puppets, games and lessons.

I have watched this amazing team of Focus Forward Ministries take steps of faith to become what God had planned–and I have watched as God brought out the best in each member that He put together with us for this trip.  God always finds a way to amaze.

Today was no different.  I am going to talk Chase Curti into starting a blog so he can share his story from two years ago- that we all have watched God unfold before our eyes.  The devotion Jeff has been sharing (thus far) has been concerning obedience.  Sometimes our flesh will talk us right out of obeying simply because we don’t want to look idiotic to others, or even to draw attention to ourselves. There’s not a member of this team that is the “look at me” type–and often it’s the quiet ones (like Chase) that God requires us to do something that puts us “out there” to become involved in an out-loud kind of way in other peoples lives.

I want the full story to come from Chase, so whether he tells it to me again for me to write, or I convince him to begin a blog– you will at some point get to hear the whole story.  For now know this:  God is asking us all to make steps of faith and obey Him in something- even right now.  Every day.  We just often ignore it.    That was free 🙂

Now, on to the mission.  We arrived Sunday morning an hour later due to some aircraft issues…yes, we always want those addressed before we get in the air.  Always.  

We have stayed in the same hotel every single trip to Bolivia since we started in 2011.  Every year without exception there is some sort of issue–and God always has a way of using it to stretch our patience and help us realize that things are different in other parts of the world…and there really are things that we have grown so accustomed to–that we take for granted at home.  Such as, hot water.  And clean water.  When several of us turned on our faucets to shower out came black specks and dingy water.  What did we do?  Took a shower anyway.

There is generally other issues to work through–and this team has taken every obstacle like champs.   If you are the pastor of any of these, you know already of their servants heart–but let me tell you it really shines in missions.

The reward?  These beautiful and amazing faces.

They are making a mark on our lives this week…and we pray that the mark we make on theirs will be a marked change for Christ.  It is our hope, desire and purpose.
This team will go home with burning, churning testimonies–and I hope that you will invite those who are in your church to tell their story.  It’s needs to be told.  It needs to be heard.  Before the week is over–it will be more powerful than they can imagine.  I already know that.  God always does the amazing…
Please continue to pray for health–safety and for the lost hearts to find Jesus.  We had many children raise their hands in response to the message today– pray that they’re little hearts are impacted with the Gospel.
Tomorrow we will hand out the Bibles many contributed to purchase–as well as school supplies.  And a dear friend donated some totes to be used–and God really did something amazing–the number is correct with the number of teachers at two of the schools!  
Did I mention God was AMAZING??
Pray for good weather on Friday– the pastor we are working through has found two new schools that we didn’t already have on our schedule… we will do two programs with them!  Pray for the team members as well as the children.  
Tomorrow we will get to interact with the parents of one of the schools children!  ANOTHER unexpected blessing!
I took over 1000 pictures today.  I’m hoping to pull a few each night to share.  The best ones I will save for our mission book for the team. 
I’m closing it down for the night.  Have a blessed day tomorrow and remember to pray for the team!

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Praying Beyond Ourselves

I see his face often.  Not just because his sleeping form was captured on a trip in 2011….but because I believe I’m supposed to be praying for him.

There’s another dear lady praying too.  Mrs. Pearline Snell. 

She bought printed copy of my photograph when her church had a mission banquet and his picture was on her table.  

And every morning she prayed for someone…
anyone …
to share with him about Jesus Christ.  The One who came to seek and save all of us…who were lost.  

Millions still are.

It’s up to us to do His seeking–He did commission us after all.  Remember?  

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

What are we actively doing about the lost?  I hang my head with shame at the lost years–I did nothing.  

World Missions was not on my brain.  Neither was my closest neighbor.

It’s sad that here I am at almost 54–and now I urgently feel compelled to sell all I have and go.  

It’s sad only because it took me so long to pray beyond my own self.  But it’s good that I finally woke up.

When I first saw this man and took his picture–he was sleeping.  My artist friend,  +Betty Shoopman  painted the most amazing gallery size portrait.  It’s huge.  The tag on it when I stood underneath it at Quayside Art Gallery, was $4000.  I wasn’t taken aback–it was an absolutely AMAZING painting.  It captured the attention of every single individual that came in the gallery.  People would stand and stare…mesmerized by the image on canvas.  “Who Do You Say That I Am?” was the title of her painting.  

This man was a nameless, homeless soul…waiting to be found.  That’s what captured me about his image leaning against the brick wall-sleeping in the sunshine.

Just like you and me.  His status in society means nothing.  The fact he has no home–nothing.

I had a prayer in 2014 when we returned to Bolivia.  That I would be able to speak to this man–unknown to me….about One who gave His Life for him to be saved.  
I wanted to tell him about his painting that hung in a gallery with a price tag of $4000, but that he was worth so much more.

So every day I looked.  I searched the faces of people walking, selling, sitting and standing.  I looked into the eyes of everyone I passed hoping to catch a glimpse of this man.

My day and opportunity came.  I was more nervous than I have ever been before getting up to speak in a church!  My butterflies had had babies and they were fluttering to get out.  I think I even woke that morning feeling that “today” might be the day.  I had no idea…

As my translator, her fiance and I returned to the village around lunch, they treated me to a filling meal at a local sandwich place–we have the same ones here in USA, but the meat there was a tad bit different 🙂

We ate and I had previously shared my story.  I took my matted print copy of Betty’s original painting from my bag–I had carried it everyday in hopes of seeing him, and showed it to them.  They were amazed, but couldn’t recall seeing him before.

After our meal, Daniel had half of his foot long sandwich left, an unopened bag of chips and a bottle of water.  As we were driving back to the hotel I spotted him.  I felt the excitement stir as never before.  I mean this was seeing a prayer come to pass before it actually arrives at your doorstep…. All the “are you crazy”? thoughts came tumbling to my head–I pushed them aside with the thought–what if today is meant to be HIS DAY?  What if God brought me all the way from Florida to Bolivia with this one job…to bring Christ to this man…

I felt like my feet weren’t even touching the ground.  As we approached him, I smelled him.  I knew I was about to have nostrils full of a very recognizable stench.  The cardboard sign holding men on the corners at the intersections and at the Walmart parking lot don’t have this smell.  I think the majority of them are out for what they can get from you.  But this man….he was holding no sign.  If anything, his expression was a sign.  Do not enter.

I ignored it.

I squatted down with Daniel and started speaking and Daniel translated.  I told him when I first saw him–how God had used him in my life and others.  I told him that God had answered my prayer in letting me find him today–and that I had been praying for him to know the Jesus that died on the cross.  I told him about the picture, the painting, my friend who prayed–and this was before I knew that that very morning, as with every single morning for more than a year, Mrs. Pearline Snell had prayed that prayer–for God to send someone to share Christ with him.  Today was his day.

I felt from the fact that he wouldn’t look in my direction that I needed to let Daniel do all the talking.  I just began talking to Daniel.  Soon I stood up and asked Fabyata, “what what Daniel saying”?

She said he’s telling him about Jesus–the plan of salvation.  I quickly asked Fabyata, does he even know who Jesus is?  

The man uttered something to Daniel and I asked Fabyata what he said.  “I know who Jesus is” was his reply.  Without emotion.

Then I remembered, every single time I had seen him he had been around this church.  How could he not know?  Perhaps he heard?  Perhaps the singing reached his ears… then I realized– I wasn’t sure what kind of songs they sang at the particular church that he was leaning against.  Maybe none.

I felt pretty confident–they didn’t sing Jesus Loves Me…for this religion was more about Mary–than God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.   My heart broke that I couldn’t communicate with him personally and tell him in “Angie words”…. but perhaps…this was best.

Daniel offered him his food.  It took some doing–this man without a home–and without a cardboard sign–he was no beggar.  He finally and reluctantly took the food offered but would not accept the 5 x 7 picture I offered with extended hand.  He told Daniel something to tell me– “keep it to remember me by”.

As if.  

As if I would ever forget my first encounter–the prayers prayed–or this day.  No, friend.  I would not forget you.  I will talk about this day–and about you –to anyone who will listen.  

And Betty gave me on loan, the painting to share this story when we are invited to go speak as we begin our own missionary journey.  

On our way to church–after meeting Denny and Betty to accept the painting– we thought that the church we were attending that night for their special mission service might like to have it displayed–just to represent a place that several of their men had gone with us…the deacon I called was very glad to display it.  After being seated, the pastor came and asked would I share a bit about the painting…wow.  First opportunity–and I couldn’t possibly share it all.  But I said yes… actually, Jeff said “yes she will” for me.  

As I shared brief points of the story, I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye, wiping her eyes.  After the service I was able to speak with her and her story you now know– it was an every-single-morning prayer she prayed.  In faith.  Believing that one day–God would send someone to him.  And–God did.  Me.

God answered Pearline’s prayer–and He answered mine…and used me.

I didn’t get the “response” I had hoped for–my hope was to lead him in the sinners prayer…but as I left, still feeling the flutter of the butterflies, I confessed my feelings to Fabyata.  Her response to me was, “You did your job.  You did what you were supposed to do”.

She was right.  God has a plan already set in motion.  Perhaps I will still play a part–but if not, I am okay with that.  I know there are others who are now praying for his salvation.  He has been brought to the attention of the artist when she painted him–and The Artist who created him, never lets him out of His sight.

Now, when I see him in my mind–I know what to do.  Pray.  He’s not forgotten–by God, nor us.  He has become known to us as “Angie’s Bolivian Man”.  When Jeff traveled to Bolivia in December of 2013 without me– he spied him on the side of the church one night coming back into the city.  He called me–with excitement said, “I just saw your Bolivian Man”.  My heart leapt –praying, hoping for the day I actually experienced in 2014.

From 2011 to 2015–God has been stirring our hearts for Bolivia, and not just because of this man.  But because of the millions who don’t know.  Not just Bolivia–but to the uttermost –furtherest place where people dwell.  They are lost….they need to know.

Pray.  Beyond yourself.

(The original painting is not pictured here–but is available to travel for weekend services)

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What Ruined My Life

This is a letter to all the girls like Lacy Ridley and +Tiffany Stuart  out there.

Dear Lacy and Tiffany,

Both of you are about to be ruined.

For life.

Lacy, in just 33 days and some odd number of hours, your feet will land on foreign soil    Tiffany, while yours is just a few weeks beyond our own departure, I want to prepare you both.


Every face will hold an expression–some filled with joy…some harder to determine.  Mistrust for sure because of the pain suffered at the hard task master called “life”.

Tiffany, with each click of your camera–you will capture a glimpse into a heart.  Then, you will later gaze back into those eyes and wonder what they were thinking about you.  You, with your bright and ready smile, tender heart and head full of blonde hair–they will look at your eyes and wonder why yours are filled with water…and why that water spills over.

My first trip ruined me for anything and everything else.

For months I couldn’t shop–and wondered why in the world other people were shopping…what could they possibly need.  I cleaned out my closet almost weekly and found, every-single-time, more to give away.

And I cried for lives that I knew lived in hardships that were none of their choosing.  They didn’t choose to walk off of a job and stand in a welfare line.  Jobs are scarce and there is no welfare.

My mind is continually filled with “what more can I do”.  I want to do more.  I lay awake at night and ask God to fill my dreams and my sleep with His plans and show me something that I can learn to do–or something that I can say that will help–in some way.  Somehow.

It’s hard to take enough things to give away–and dangerous too.  Your heart will break the second  you hand your last piece of candy to the dirty outstretched fingers–and you will look beyond those eyes and see dozens more coming….wanting….waiting…

But do take candy.  It’s a sweet gift and don’t often get something wrapped up tight in colorful paper.

Expect to be affected.  By the sounds-sights-and smells.  Some sights will delight….and some sights will bring tears.

There were time it seems when I walked, I felt myself praying with every single step.  And sometimes I could hardly think clearly.

Your first mission trip will likely be the most emotionally draining experience you will ever encounter.  But it will be the emotionally and spiritually best feeling ever as well.

Expect to go to bed each night exhausted–and try and make your mind shut down and sleep.

Journal everything.  I mean take your journal and write down everything you can while you are traveling–because you will forget some things, even though you tell yourself you won’t.

When you come home and tell your heart wrenching stories, some will weep with  you–and others will look at your with kind wonder–but they won’t understand your passion.  And I learned that’s okay.  It’s my passion.  Not theirs.

Everyone is not expected to go on the foreign mission field…but everyone is expected to be involved in missions…in other ways.

Tell your stories.  To anyone who will listen-you never know how your story will inspire someone else to dream big, take a leap of faith, believe God for big things in their own lives.

This was written for my new friend Lacy Ridley, but also for my dear precious friend, Tiffany Stuart who is about to realize her dream…and it will be amazing!

This is also written for all the others out there who, as yet have been afraid to dream.  You don’t need to be afraid…you need to believe.

You can make a difference.  This trip will make a difference…

But be warned….it will ruin you.

It ruined me.

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Blessed are WE

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  Matthew 5:8

Every year we travel to Bolivia to work with a great team.  For one week, people use their vacation days to serve others.  The other 51 weeks of the year, they serve here.  In these United States.  On their jobs, in their communities, their churches, and often in an area outside of a 100 mile radius.  

And we see God.  We see God in the “pure in heart” of those who live every single day–a bit different than we.  It’s slower.  There is no rush to the mall.  No rush to the market.  No rush to buy.

They walk.  They live.  They listen.  They work.  They smile and laugh.  They overflow.  With the bounty that God has blessed them with…

We learn from them–every-time-we-go.

Pureheartedness.  Is there such a word?  If not, let’s make one.

The children showed us theirs, as well as the adults at the church.   Purity of heart.  

More than one nationality working together in a tiny, barely ventilated kitchen-without any of the modern conveniences… I captured pureheartedness at it’s ripest.

I was unsure of her age–probably as much as she was of mine.  I didn’t ask her age–but her name was Christina and she was beautiful and her heart was full of beauty.  She was a taxi driver.  She had taken a week off from her job so that she could work at the church the week we were there–she worked both in the kitchen and with the construction team.  She begged me to go to her house–and I would have loved to–but I had to explain (through our translator) that I couldn’t leave our team.  Her face momentarily reflected her disappointment, but quickly wreathed again in smiles, mañana”.  Tomorrow.

But, I knew that tomorrow I wouldn’t be able to either.  Tomorrow, I would be at the children’s crusade in Don Lorenzo.

I learned from them not to live in the daily disappointments–but to live in the blessings of each moment–of each day.  

Nothing wasted.  

All is relished.  


The pace in which Jesus and His disciples traveled and ministered is the same pace they live every day.  Not to miss an opportunity.

We begin to wonder a bit when we don’t hear back from our dear friends there–but then we each remind the other of where they are-and how they live.  They are relishing a blessing.  Living in every moment of the day-not skipping ahead to the cake, but savoring the frosting.

Blessed are we –who get to participate in their lives, even for one week.  Blessed are those who take their vacation time to do the same…they come away with much more than a stamp in their passport-and a few souvenirs. They come away with a new perspective on life.  On the blessing that are truly valuable.  And it changes them.

And their pen is poised at the ready–to sign up again.  Even before we announce the dates, or the location.  “Sign me up!” are three words I have heard over and over since our return.

Blessed are YOU who gave so that others could go.  Your gift of money–or school supplies changed more than those we blessed–but it changed each person who participated.

It was Melanie’s birthday.  And…it just so happened that I had a gift for a little child.  I’m always on the look out for things to give–and I had ordered a book that taught a child some English words–I had intended to give it to someone for their baby–to learn Spanish–but I never got around to it–so when I saw it on my shelf at home, I grabbed it up and tucked it in with my clothes.  Melanie turned four.  This little book will help her learn a few words in English–hopefully, when we return, we will know a few more in Spanish!

I was so blessed by God to be able to share with this little child… I think God had this planned all along 🙂  One of our young ladies from church had donated a bag full of cute, glittery flip-flops.  Melanie received a brand new pair of flip flops that day too!  (This gave me ideas for next year!)

As we plan–and prepare for the “next steps” God has lined up, pray for us and with us.  So that we not miss an opportunity to share His love with the world.  Both here–and there.  

Blessings abound.

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Good Morning Bolivia!

This was the first trip–mission wise, or otherwise that I didn’t blog constantly.  But….a lot of things came from that.  I looked and listened more.

I observed and made notes– and I hope to share those with you in the coming weeks…but first let me show you what we did–in pictures. 🙂

Every year, I say the same thing:  “This was the best mission trip I’ve been on”….and every year, it’s the absolute truth.  I say it again, emphatically.  This was one amazing.

We had an incredible team of  builders–and helpers–all working in harmony–getting the job done.  The church was built -and friendships were forged.  We had a great team of children’s ministry leaders –a combination of 3 churches working together to bring Christ to a village and sow seeds in the hearts of hundreds of kids.  God was glorified in all the efforts of love and compassion!

YOU provided school supplies and soccer balls to give to these in this village, and 2 additional villages/schools that we were granted an OPEN DOOR.  God opened doors we were not expecting! BUT HE provided IN ADVANCE–through all the contributions!

The MISSION BALL—was the biggest blessing to so many!  It will be a continual part of every trip we take.  THANK YOU to their team— who obeyed God–and jumped out there and created such an incredible witnessing tool!  WOW!  There are some stories to come from that ball.  Chase Curti was the guy behind the scenes working to raise all the funds to purchase those and we are SO grateful!

There is some exciting news that Jeff and I want to share–but I have just a few more things to work on before I throw it out there.  God has been leading and guiding us on every trip–and we have given everything in prayer and seeking Him for direction.  We pray still as we take this leap of faith into the unknown of following HIM. (the leap has taken place)

I hope to be able to put pen to paper (via blog) and let you know the exciting things God has been stirring in our hearts.

In the meantime–keep praying–God is working already on the path ahead.  Although we can’t see it all, we know the way to take….following His steps….

Thank you to Carmel Assembly of God, Grace Assembly and New Life Fellowship, for praying, giving and going.  May God richly bless all your mission endeavors!  Both here, and there.

 Brothers and sisters, I can’t consider myself a winner yet. This is what I do: I don’t look back, I lengthen my stride, and 14 I run straight toward the goal to win the prize that God’s heavenly call offers in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 3:13-14 GWT  

We remain….”Focused Forward”

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Bolivia 2014

I am tired–but so blessed.  So happy.  So “in my spot”.

Not as much the place as the position.  The position of “giving all”.

This has been the most unique year–which I believe God has orchestrated and planned all the details.

How we arrived would be considered by some, nothing short of a miracle…in many cases- it was just that.

Tonight, after a great church service (Jeff preached–Joel translated–a few comical moments–and David and Nolan shared their life changing experience,  I sit back in our room recalling all that God has shown me about me–and the fact that daily we learn more about “us” as a people, and God’s love and grace.

I think it’s a vital part of Christian growth to discover who we are–even in the stuff that’s not attractive…and it’s in those times and places where we allow God to navigate us back in line and give us insight into why and how we do certain things.

Rest assured, the enemy knows our weaknesses and he knows just the nugget to get us distracted and off course…and he will use it in everyone of us–every time.  Anything to thwart God’s plan.

I have heard some amazing stories today.  The interpreter I was going to have was unable to join us–so another one was selected.  Faviana has the most amazing stories–and I   enjoyed hearing each one.  What a loving God–to give us such assignments!  I cannot wait to share with you some of the things she told me….this was truly one of God’s Big Deal Changeroo’s.  I love that about Him.  I’ll share part of her story tomorrow with a picture.

Today we went to Pastor Andy’s church–and I was honored to be able to share the Word.  When Jeff told me I was supposed to preach–it sort of caught me a little off guard–only for a few minutes–then “The Holy Spirit” reminded me that He had already given me a word for today…

I’ll share more of that later, I do want to leave you with a couple of pictures… 🙂  (internet service is extremely slow or I would have uploaded a video I shot today).

For those of you with loved ones here…they are doing well.  The LORD has been amazing.  They will come home different.  They will come home and likely hold you a bit longer…and appreciate the blessings of God with fresh eyes…and I really believe…that some “callings and decisions” are being solidified this week.

Let’s pick this up tomorrow… this chicken has got to get some sleep… (Olivia must be fresh in the morning!–Not to mention Sully!)

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Duct Taped Suitcases

Duct tape sticks out.  Especially when it's BRIGHT.  It's also something that will get confiscated.  Don't worry...we didn't "pack" any duct tape--we just used it to identify our precious cargo.

We packed supplies Sunday night.  The chatter going on, the excitement felt in the room was palpable.  I imagine those who have gone before had a face in that we met in 2011 and have watched change, grow and become familiar--and even miss.  Some of the team have talked about about the kids or adults there--with such love and concern, as we do our friends and family here with us on a day-to-day basis.

Those who have not been, their excitement about this trip is something I truly enjoy watching.  I remember my first trip...clothes packed weeks before, now, I confess, my suitcase is still in storage--I've been busy 🙂  But by Friday it will be packed and I will work on putting some order to my house. 

If you are a regular reader, you have watched, listened, and hopefully been moved by the Holy Spirit as you have followed us on many mission trips.  I haven't looked at the countdown today, but I know it's near.  I want to ask you-- and I'll understand if it slips your mind--but as often as you can--as often as we come to your mind, would you pray?  Especially as we are taking this team through customs.  It's the largest team we've taken.  I've been involved in larger teams--but this is the largest team we've taken.  And I would really like to know you're praying for the passing through customs to be the smoothest we've ever experienced.

Our steps are purposed.  We will likely stick out like duct taped suitcases.  We have a mission to complete.  It started when we said "yes".  Every step toward this next week has been planned by our Father...even the DELAYS.  

We packed over 400 Bibles.  53 Soccer Balls, hundreds of crayons, books, and a multitude of assorted miscellaneous items that were donated...and over 300 shirts that was donated--brand new--for the kids. 

We packed these things--because YOU gave these things.  This was an unprecedented giving.  And I believe I just heard in my spirit, "You ain't seen nothing yet".  I believe God pulls out all the stops for His kids.  

I feel God stirring a New Passion in my heart as never before.  Yesterday, that old feeling that creeps up every trip--tried again.  But in the HOLY Name of Jesus-- I claim new territory for Christ...and believe God for MORE than ever before.

When I came out to my prayer closet this morning--praying was on my mind.  Hearing from Him was on my mind....but I felt the need to pause after I prayed a while and let you know-- HE LOVES YOU.  HE wants to use YOU.  As you pray... I believe you will experience things in Christ that you never dreamed possible.

I heard this song (Overcome) when I came to pray and wanted to share it with you this morning:

Seated above, enthroned in the Father’s love
Destined to die, poured out for all mankind
God’s only son perfect and spotless one

He never sinned but suffered as if He did 

All authority, every victory is Yours
All authority, every victory is Yours

Savior, worthy of honor and glory
Worthy of all our praise, You overcame
Jesus, awesome in power forever
Awesome and great is Your name, You overcame

Power in hand 

Speaking the Father’s plan

You’re sending us out 

Light in this broken land 

We will overcome
By the blood of the Lamb
And the word of our testimony
Everyone overcome

We will overcome.  Speak out HIS Word when you pray.  Pray the Scripture.  He is sending us be Light in this broken land.  Look around you today...where is He sending you?

Perhaps it's just across the street--but that takes as much courage as it does to go across the water if you've never flown before.  Walking up to someone to give them a Gospel Tract at the gas station, the mall, in the parking lot outside the grocery store....takes as much courage as it does for the team as they go downtown to the square in Santa Cruz.  With the Church being persecuted all over the never know what you will encounter.

As you pray for us on Saturday--(That's the travel day), please pray a special protection for all the bags of the team of 28.  Most of them will have hot pink duct tape or lime green duct tape...and a special tag letting us identify it quickly as it comes off the conveyor belt.... Pray for the safety of the bags.  I don't think I've ever asked that before...but we're taking more than we've ever taken.   God is Good.  All the time.

I leave you with a few faces.  I hope they've thought about us as much as we have them...  

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.  Matthew 24:14

God bless those precious children.

Join me on facebook and journey along with our team…we’d love to have you!

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