Joy in the Journey…Cambodia 2012

The 7th of this month marks a significant day for me.  On the 7th day of March in 2012, I joined the ranks of 30 something women as we sojourned to a land we had never set foot on before.


Every sight, sound and smell made a lasting impression.

When I get hot today, I think of Cambodia.

When I see poverty today, I think of the poor there…living in little floating houses, with holes the size of a child that you could fall through…into the filth and murkiness of the life they live…and are accustomed.

What do you do when you return to life as you’ve always known it?

You live.  You keep living, but with an awareness of the world around you like you have never experienced.  You cannot shut your eyes, nor plug your ears to the cries that sound from those that are hungry…for HIM.  And they don’t even know they are hungry for HIM, they just know they are hungry for something life has not given…

It is hard to believe –this was just last year.  I found myself rechecking the calendar dates twice.  Last year?

Last year my feet walked on dirt where weariness and hurt abounded in the eyes of thousands of little children…and in the faces of adults alike.

Torturous living–or rather “existing”, results in seeing things through worn, weathered, and haunted eyes.  The children see what the parents saw.  As children, most of the parents who live now, lived through the most excruciating life imaginable.

Siblings tortured before their very eyes, mutilated, beaten, starved and finally killed –gifted them with a vision that sees nothing but hopelessness.

Hope and hugs are more rare than clean water…But that is exactly what we brought with us.

Hope in Jesus Christ, and hugs from hearts as big as “Texas”.  While on this journey, there was not one woman that remained dry-eyed.  That is because their life extracted that from us (tears)…feelings that perhaps some never expected to feel…and in my opinion, that was a God gift.

I have often thought of the day we climbed the steps to this temple, and of words said on the climb…and of the heat—

I parallel it with our Christian journey.

Hard at times.
Suffering is involved.
Sweat, and even tears–but the joy in the journey outweighs it all…

The smile on the faces…wow.  You really should be there to fully experience the joy that comes from this…

Sweet laughing face.

The ladies that we traveled with all made an impression on me…some were in ministry–while others were simply fellow sojourners, embarking on an unknown journey, waiting and ready to see what God had planned next…

If you’ve never been on a mission trip–I encourage you to go…it will impact your life as you never dreamed or imagined…GO.


HE has something to tell you on the way, so stay tuned…

“Mission of Mercy” (One Child Matters)

Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.  Proverbs 21:13

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