Wondering and Wandering

While I have been doing the “reading plan” with a large portion of our church, I have downloaded a few Bible Apps on my phone…searching for the one I loved the best.

In my reading and listening along, I accidentally clicked a bookmark on a particular verse–and every time I try to adjust it–or make a new bookmark, it continually goes back to that same one.

It is a unique verse.

Deuteronomy 2:3  ‘You have been wandering around in this hill country long enough; turn to the north.

Do you find yourself there?  In a place of wandering?  

Wondering what God is going to say next…

Wondering what He is going to DO next?…

Wondering if you will HEAR Him?…

While I’ve been getting ready for this mission trip to Bolivia–I’ve found myself at times seeming to be in a daze at what God is doing.

Sometimes we get a bit comfy in our surroundings…not willing for change.

Friend–can I just tell you with love in my heart–GET UP!  It’s time to head NORTH.  Life is changing ALL around you.   
Every.Single.Message our pastor preaches–seems to be pointing to “something yet invisible”…but very PRESENT…

A change among us that is so reverent that it carries with it a holy hush to even call it to our minds…

Something powerful…and passion filled…

All Christ.  Flesh gone.

Something expected…yet unexpected.  Does that make sense?

The coming of CHANGE.  

Change in our world begins with the change in our lives.  One will NOT happen without the other.  We are the fuel to feed the fire of passion of Christ….we MUST be consumed with HIM.  We must burn until there is NOTHING left of US–and only our LOVE for HIM remains.

This calls for self-examination.  This is something NO ONE else can help you with.

TIME alone with God is critical for this exam.  Open and honest hearts–and a penetrable and moldable spirit….

I have a friend who stops by for coffee sometimes and we get into this conversation almost every time...the unexpectedness of God–it is with MUCH excitement that we talk and share visions and dreams–hopes and realities….

what is HE DOING in our lives?…

we both FEEL something coming up…yet really don’t know what…(exactly).  We have both heard His voice in our lives.  

And His voice brought CHANGE.  

And our wandering turned to wondering…

It is a bit like little boy Samuel felt when God was calling his name in the night–yet Samuel didn’t know it was God–for he had never heard God speak before–but after that unforgettable night–God’s voice was recognizable–and Samuel sought God’s voice.

This picture was taken at the beginning of our week in Cambodia this year…and it was the beginning of a time where I felt I was wondering and wandering…not in a wilderness…but something else…

This was a “Monday”…after Vanessa and I had sang for the teens of the Dream Center during the Sunday service–

As these girls and I picked the stitches to widen the space for the curtain “pole” (not your average curtain rod), in broken English one of the girls asked me to sing–so, as I stood there with curtain in hand, picking stitches, I sang.  They stopped and listened…and I felt the glory of the LORD all around in that room.

I heard the reverence of the winds of change blowing softly through the open-barred window.

Change is coming…

Wander and wonder no more.  

Be pliable to the move of God…and SEE where HE LEADS YOU.

As we are leaving for Bolivia this coming weekend, I humbly ask for your prayers.  We have over 500 Bibles to give–kitchen towel sets for the women in the village, supplies for the school, and tracks to give on the streets of Santa Cruz.

Pray for the internet connectivity to remain strong and that I am able to post the blogs and keep all the family and friends of my fellow missionaries updated!  You can sign up on the side bar to be immediately notified of all posts for this trip by”subscribing”.  You can quietly unsubscribe at any time–

I pray you will be blessed as you get to travel and experience life along with us in Bolivia.  As you read and pray–you become a participator in the mission!  Praise God for YOU!  We appreciate all the prayers!

(Bottom photo taken by Lois Solet of Louisiana–stay safe in the storm Lois!)

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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