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The First Day of the Last Month of 2011

With the rush of Thanksgiving week behind, as well as the Young Adult Retreat, the job beckoned….for a couple of days, then off to Mother and Grandbuddy’s to care for really big dog and small black cat.  It is at this home I am clicking away at the keys in hopes that the internet service lasts long enough to get the job done. 🙂

There have been so many happenings in our lives of late–it would drive you nuts if I typed them all..suffice it to say, “we’ve been as busy as you have”.

Life brings daily changes.  To all.  We are no exception.  I face the same daily battles and struggles as anyone else…I just have to determine ahead of time, “how to handle said battle”.

My thoughts turned toward Christmas the day I put my tree up.  Not before.  We’ve really been too consumed with work and various other things to “think” ahead much.  On Sunday though, while others were napping, I decided it best to tackle the tree knowing I would be away for several days and wanted to come home to the job completed.
Getting out my ornaments, of course, took me back to the last couple of years.  I put all my special ornaments on the tree, leaving in the boxes those that came prepackaged, prearranged to go with certain color schemes.  In the “downsizing” of life (our choice), the tree nestles quaintly in a corner by the door of my kitchen.  It looks “made” for the spot.  I love it.  Who doesn’t love sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee with a pretty tree staring back?

As I tackled my tree, my mind went back to some precious faces, who are thought of by several friends of ours almost daily.  I began to wonder how they will celebrate the birth of our Savior?
How do you celebrate the birth of Jesus?  Do you gather with family and friends, digging into gifts wrapped prettily under a decorated tree?
Do you visit with friends that you have had very little time to see over the course of the past year?
Do you talk to the One who came from Heaven’s glories and filled a manger with His flesh to bring you LIFE?

 While you are rushing to work and home again, keep in mind Whose constant eye is on you.

The One who came….the One who gave…
The One who died….the One who LIVES!

The One who will RETURN!

Let us not get bogged down in what to get “who” this year….instead, let’s get our focus on what really matters….

Others.  How would Jesus spend Christmas this year? 

I’m just asking….food for thought.  But I bet (if I were a “better”) that He would want to spend Christmas with just “you”

I want to do something different next year with the blog….

I welcome your thoughts and ideas….(I have a few of my own…but your thoughts really matter to me!)  So… me a note, or send me an e-mail!

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It seems like changes are all we know these days.

The price of food? Changing.

The economy? Changing.

The world? Changing.

But God—-never changes. His Word assures us of the unchanging ways of God. “For I am the LORD, I change not;…” Malachi 3:6

With the uncertainties of our tomorrow, we can rest easy in the resolute knowledge that God knows all there is to know about our tomorrow. There are things He plans, and things He allows in His sovereignty. We are not to question either.

That is easier said than done. With all the things that we have lived through, and even died through, we have seen the hand of God in every circumstance. I bet you are wondering why I said “died through”.

This is why:  In order to get to the place where God can fully use us to our absolute fullest potential — we must die daily—of ourselves.

We desire so strongly to be in that place, of absolute “usability”, we are asking God to work in our lives as never before. “Show us the things which need to be changed so that we can be changed—to walk fully in His Spirit—and not in our own selfish ways.”

Connie Haile Photography

 What changes are headed your way for the coming year?

Some you may already be aware of, some will be unexpected. They are only unknown to your heart—God knows full well what 2011 will bring for each of us. And we must fully trust in, and rely on Him.

He is worthy.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.” Isaiah 9:6-7(a) NIV

Merry Christmas!  From our hearts to  yours!

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Photo used by permission of Connie Haile Photography

More Christmas at Our House

Since it’s Saturday, we will overlook the clutter dropped off on the table from being gone to last night’s Christmas party!

Don’t be alarmed if Scooter jumps on you when you walk through, he is just getting to know you…very rarely does he bite.  Actually, I only know of two people he bit. 🙂

Okay! Now on to more of the Christmas decorations!

To make things a bit easier for me today, I have loaded them into a slide show.  I really hope you don’t mind.  At least this way, you can sit in one spot and won’t have to walk all over the house!  Besides, there are presents that aren’t wrapped and I don’t want you peaking and then “telling” the kids! 😉

I enjoyed having you here!!!! Let’s do this again REAL soon!

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Signs of Christmas-Welcome to our house

Christmas at our house.

When Jeff surprised me with the tree, I was overjoyed!  Last year, April, our youngest daughter helped me decorate the tree.  I took great joy in sharing with her every detail of every-single-ornament.

Hmmm.  Maybe that’s why she didn’t come help me this year.  You think?

Oh well, I will share with YOU!

This “Joy to the World” ornament is part of 6 ornaments that my sister, Wanda hand stitched for each of us several years ago.  I have  set, Aimee has a set and mother has a set.  I carefully wrap each one in tissue paper when putting the decorations away each year.  THAT is why it still looks like she just stitched it!

This little brown haired angel is one of two angels. The other one is blonde. I bought both to match our girls. Mother used to do that every time she bought me, Wanda and Aimee dolls. She would match our hair with the doll.

When Wanda was very young, she had very light hair. Aimee and I both always had dark hair. Aimee and I received a blonde haired doll one year for Christmas–only once though.

Our brother Jeff had very blonde hair…and I don’t think he ever got a blonde haired baby doll.

THIS sweet little ornament was made by one of my girls for me when they were in the 2nd grade. Yes, our tree holds every imaginable sentimental ornament.

This little “Shih Tzu” ornament was a gift last year from a dear friend. Scooter is not the hair bow wearing type of Shih–but I do get creative with his neck scarves. 🙂

This sweet rabbit was purchased by me–for me. I also bought one for mother and Aimee. I found them at Barnes & Noble in their “after” Christmas sale and snatched them up–if you remember, Wanda collected bunnies. I think she would have loved these. We each have one on our tree.

This beautiful doll was a gift last year from a precious sister-in-Christ! I love baby dolls–even still! And have a couple here at the house for the girls to play with when they visit.
I know what you are thinking. What girls? It is true we have 6 grandSONS…but we also have 1 sweet grandDAUGHTER–and I have a very special niece and we have a few little girl-friends who have visited and played! (Parker, Riley, Faith and Sara!)

I will TRY and post more ornament and the stories that go along with. (You are right, I will never know if you nod off while I am talking!) I think this little fellows face tells it all….don’t you?

Sorry.  I couldn’t resist!

Have a BLESSED weekend!


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A Christmas MUST SEE!

I have a friend who is probably the best mail man around.  At least to me he is. 

Serving Dothan, AL and his community and church, Dave has a heart for others.  He also sends me some pretty neat e-mails from time to time.  Tonight was one.  I’m sharing it with you.  I only wish I could have been in that food court–when this took place.  Thanks Dave!

Watch it!

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Special Sunday Services!

Do you have animals in your church?

We do.  Little calves, donkeys, sheep, doves, well, I can’t remember all the animals I saw!  Plus, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus!
Take a peek at the slide show!

We are blessed at Marianna First to have some of the mosts talented–from all ages!

This is a short slide show of Sunday’s activities! All of our church family kids were GREAT!

Sorry this is so short…I’ve got chicken and rice going and cornbread in the oven….gotta hurry! 🙂

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A Christmas Blessing in Daily Living

Tonight we shared a special time at the home of our Women’s Ministry Leader, Susan Baldwin. She opened her heart and home to 24 precious ladies and we enjoyed the food, fun and fellowship!

We also enjoyed God’s blessings. Our sisterly love toward one another is one of God’s sweetest blessings. More later on the blessings of sisters.

Take a moment and listen to this song. Give HIM what He most desires from YOU!

Psalm 37:4 gives us the instructions for our daily living. There is a job to do for each of us.

Daily. Live for Him. Not for us. No self seeking.

The time to stand for Christ and be counted is here—no holding back—it is time to do ALL you can—time for me to do ALL I CAN for Christ Jesus.

I’m seeking and looking. What about you? Are you living for Him? Doing all you know to do? Is His Word fresh on your lips? Embeded into your heart? Pouring forth like a fountain?

You know what to do….seek Him. You will find Him. You will have far more than just a Christmas blessing…it will be a daily blessing pouring through your life!

God bless you all for stopping by tonight! (Or today–whatever it may be for you!)


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