Tired of the Norm?? Want to GIVE something special?

In discussing with Jeff what we would give our grand-kids this year for Christmas we are like all grandparents, we love those children and want them to have a wonderful Christmas. It’s not in the gifts though. It’s less about receiving and more about giving. (I know we all know that…sometimes though, we need reminding.)

Many times when children have too much…they appreciate it very little.

I remember one year, when Tiffany and April were very young, we had a friend, whose dad was going to a orphanage in Mexico and was collecting gently used toys. After hearing about it, our girls decided they wanted to send some of theirs. I let them decide. I thought they would go in their room and pick out two or three things that they didn’t care about.

Nope. They spent a long time getting toys together. Dolls and stuffed animals that were in very good condition. I’ll be honest. There were two or three that I said, “are you sure”? Not that I didn’t want them to give, I just knew my girls. They might be very on board today—and not so much tomorrow.

At the end of the day—they had a 30 gallon garbage bag full of dolls with combed hair and new bows and teddy bears. What does that tell you? Right. They had toooooooo much stuff.

Making gift purchases then was less complicated. You go to the store, you buy what they like. Provided you KNOW what that is. There were no companies supporting things that Christians do NOT believe in like there are today. These days I try and only purchase from companies (when I know) who aren’t jumping on every band wagon, supporting groups and organizations who do and say things that are contrary to standards we grew up with.

Which leads me to something I have really been bothered by. ” Wal-Mart”.

I really try and avoid soapbox issues, but this one won’t leave my brain. So it must come out.

Case in point, Nativity Scenes. You won’t find them in Marianna’s Wal-Mart. Nor will you find one at Chipley’s Wal-Mart (according to my scout). You can find them in Auburn, Alabama I was told. And a few more Wal-Mart’s but not here. What’s up with that? Are there not enough Christians here that our voice would be not only heard, but felt?

My sweet daughter, April called me and said, “Momma, you can get one at the Dollar Store, and they have two or three sizes”. I smiled and said, “I already had several different ones that I put out in various places in the house–and it wasn’t that I NEEDED one…but if I did…why couldn’t I get it there”?

Because they are answering to a higher authority who is trying to take Christ out of Christmas by removing the small replica of the manger where He was born. THANKFULLY, they still allow the Salvation Army bell ringers to stand at the door and receive donations. (As aggravating as the tinkling bell is to my hormonal ears at times. It’s for a good cause.)

Remove the reminders they may be able to do, but the facts remain. Jesus Christ WAS born. (Luke 2:7) Jesus CHRIST DID LIVE. (Luke 2:52) And die (Luke 23:46)—and HE ROSE FROM THE GRAVE ON THE THIRD DAY (Luke 24:2-9 and Luke 24:46). Those are the facts. He lives today. In my life and hopefully yours too! By the way, He’s coming again. Just so you know, in case you are reading this and you aren’t a believer. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

So while out shopping in the stores or online, search for Christ. Wherever you find Him–that would be a good place to spend your money.

We are going simple this year. An outfit, a book, a puzzle or game for the grand-kids and something useful and needed for the parents of the kids….

If you like to shop online…I found a few neat places:

Try these on for size. I found these and there are so many more out there!

Salt of the Earth! Fashion grounded in faith!

Wear it! Live it! Share it! Cool website that offers a ton of things!

Life is Good! Helping kids overcome pain and sorrow with joy. *The Life is good Kids Foundation supports extraordinary charities that create a lasting positive impact on children facing unfair challenges, including the trauma of violence, poverty, and loss. (*Taken from the webpage, Life is Good.)

TOMS shoes! One for one. Buy a pair…they give a pair. *TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we’re all about. (*Taken from the webpage TOMS shoes) Go here to see the video.

Whatever you do this Christmas Season, wherever you go, look for Christ. Give Christ. Share His Love and Life with others. The best gift to give your loved ones is your time. Undivided, wholeheartedly to them alone.


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Pictured Nativity Scene can be found at Pottery Barn.

11 thoughts on “Tired of the Norm?? Want to GIVE something special?”

  1. Great post! I haven't noticed “no nativity scenes” at our Wmart…but now I'll have to check. I collect them, so I have many many unique ones.

    I love having kids give something at Christmas. It's a very powerful message for our kids who have so much.

  2. Wouldn't that be a statement to the politically correct retailers: “I shop at ____; they've made room for Jesus.”!!!

    There are a number of establishments I no longer shop at for a variety of reasons. Yours is a great reminder, especially in economically tough times, to be intentional about where to direct one's spending (when possible). For some, it'll mean the difference between staying in business or folding. I'd rather the staying power be on the side of the one keeping Jesus in the equation.


  3. WOW! I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS POST!! I did not know this about Walmart but I think it explains why more and more I HATE doing business there!

    I didn't see this as a soapbox post but as sharing information for other believers and as for me and my house I truly appreciated it

  4. So well said Angie. It is upsetting that there is such an effort to remove Christ from Christmas. There are even many stores who won't allow the Salvation Army to stand outside their doors. Unbelievable!!
    One store I love to promote is Hobby Lobby. Lots of Nativity Scenes there, Christian music filling the air and a Christian organization in every way.
    Hope you're all feeling better 🙂

  5. All well said! You know I agree with you and I like the ideas you gave to us.

    Stand for CHRIST! That's what we must do and what we should do. Amen!

    Love ya.

  6. Amen sister. I'm so over the discussion of Holiday Trees. Everyone who celebrates Cmas whether for the gift-giving or for the Giver of Life, calls it a Christmas tree. If you are not celebrating, you dont' even have a tree. A tree is not used for Hannakah (sp?). There should be no debate. No other religion uses a tree. It's a Christmas tree with CHRIST. Oh, Ang, that was my soap box.

    Love ya,

  7. How true… I scoured the stores in our area for a creche (sp?) / the barn structure to house some figures the kids have. Not to be found. There were a few boxed mangers at Wal-Mart, but Michael's doesn't carry them at all, and I voiced my concern to the manager there. It's not right that we have to go looking for Jesus at Christmas. Perhaps we should just wear him all the more.


  8. Very cool websites you are sharing here…
    Sometimes less is more in giving gifts 🙂 – Like you said – give your time to family – with your whole heart…

    Oh, and don't get me started on WM…They have to be the last store on earth for me to shop there again…Boycotting them since 2006 (not sure if one person can make a difference – I try – lol)

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