Merry Christmas!

The grand kids stockings were all hung
by the chimney with care
in hopes that something would soon stir the air.
Not a be-hind gets spanked
in Nana’s house these days,
Nana and Papa’s house is real good for play!
‘Course once Christmas is over
and tree is packed away,
Grand kids all go back to their homes,
Not Nana’s to stay.
Crumbs are swept up,
what Jason didn’t eat,
For with him around,
You had better guard your meat!
So if you ever get bored
with the life that you have
call my girls at home
but you will have to talk loud.
For the ones in their houses
all have huge lungs,
just ask us…
Wait, I’m still sweeping up crumbs…

I pray safety and blessings from God on each heart and life who stops by here!

About Angie Knight

On a journey with purpose, with my best friend and love of my life! View all posts by Angie Knight

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