Signs of Christmas-Welcome to our house

Christmas at our house.

When Jeff surprised me with the tree, I was overjoyed!  Last year, April, our youngest daughter helped me decorate the tree.  I took great joy in sharing with her every detail of every-single-ornament.

Hmmm.  Maybe that’s why she didn’t come help me this year.  You think?

Oh well, I will share with YOU!

This “Joy to the World” ornament is part of 6 ornaments that my sister, Wanda hand stitched for each of us several years ago.  I have  set, Aimee has a set and mother has a set.  I carefully wrap each one in tissue paper when putting the decorations away each year.  THAT is why it still looks like she just stitched it!

This little brown haired angel is one of two angels. The other one is blonde. I bought both to match our girls. Mother used to do that every time she bought me, Wanda and Aimee dolls. She would match our hair with the doll.

When Wanda was very young, she had very light hair. Aimee and I both always had dark hair. Aimee and I received a blonde haired doll one year for Christmas–only once though.

Our brother Jeff had very blonde hair…and I don’t think he ever got a blonde haired baby doll.

THIS sweet little ornament was made by one of my girls for me when they were in the 2nd grade. Yes, our tree holds every imaginable sentimental ornament.

This little “Shih Tzu” ornament was a gift last year from a dear friend. Scooter is not the hair bow wearing type of Shih–but I do get creative with his neck scarves. 🙂

This sweet rabbit was purchased by me–for me. I also bought one for mother and Aimee. I found them at Barnes & Noble in their “after” Christmas sale and snatched them up–if you remember, Wanda collected bunnies. I think she would have loved these. We each have one on our tree.

This beautiful doll was a gift last year from a precious sister-in-Christ! I love baby dolls–even still! And have a couple here at the house for the girls to play with when they visit.
I know what you are thinking. What girls? It is true we have 6 grandSONS…but we also have 1 sweet grandDAUGHTER–and I have a very special niece and we have a few little girl-friends who have visited and played! (Parker, Riley, Faith and Sara!)

I will TRY and post more ornament and the stories that go along with. (You are right, I will never know if you nod off while I am talking!) I think this little fellows face tells it all….don’t you?

Sorry.  I couldn’t resist!

Have a BLESSED weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Signs of Christmas-Welcome to our house”

  1. I love your ornaments! I have a hodge-podge of beloved ornaments that have meaning and history for me…so I really relate to these darling pieces and the stories behind them. I love you gal!

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