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Carmel’s Christmas Tea 2009

Thank you Jennifer Hodge Vickery for being the sweetest hostess! The night was memorable!

As we ate a delicious meal provided by the ladies of Carmel Assembly of God Church, we were served by our darling hostesses, Jennifer Hodge and Sandy Harris. The entertainment was incredible–singers, singers, and singers! AND the children’s department gave us the sweetest little hand-bell song!

Kim Moore ministered her heart and since I know her personally, it was doubly enjoyable! Great job Kim!

AND I won a door prize! A purple candle and glass shade! HOW SWEET IS THAT!

THEN, Susan of Count it all Joy followed me home to my mother’s house and we spent the rest of the evening –until well after midnight—talking over ideas for —guess what! Next year’s retreat!

Y’all–it was fun! It was encouraging and uplifting to this tired heart! God is so good! I can’t hardly stand it! There will be more stuff to come! MORE MORE MORE!


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11 thoughts on “Carmel’s Christmas Tea 2009”

  1. I SO wish I was there with you, April, Susan and the other ladies. The photos are BEAUTIFUL! I know it was a treat.

    I'm excited about the “what next LORD?” of the Retreat for 2010. What I do know is it's going to be something breathtaking, heart lifting and GOD-GLORIFYING!!

    Love you much.

  2. I confess: when I first read your blog title I thought you were going to give us a recipe for Caramel Tea! Am I old, or what???

    There's just nothing quite like a gathering of fellow believers. How is it we so often mix laughter and tears, never quite sure which we treasure more?

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. Good pictures…glad you enjoyed this great time of fellowship…you and Susan…do you gals like to plan or what! Can't wait to see what the Lord will do!

  4. Beautiful! So many adorable faces and I WISH I were there to hug necks and hang out.

    I'm so excited about Retreat 2010 and know that I'm praying for you and with you! I'm praying that the Lord will make it possible for me to be a part of this vision! And next time I'm staying longer! YES, I am!

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