Holes in the Roof, Chickens and Such

These were pictures from the first day. Saturday–hit the trail and get to work.

The busyness that goes on during a mission trip is what I love–then to rest at night–thoroughly spent–on your bed and let the pictures from the day pour back over your mind like honey from a jar…

These were the first to receive a concrete floor–in one room of their 3 room home.  It was the main living area.  I suspected it was also where they all slept.

The roof, pocked with holes, let in the rain, as well as dots of lights, much like stars in the day time.  The room, when I entered to snap a picture was dark, the smell of the packed dirt filled my nose.  Another aroma that filled my senses was food cooking, I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was a good smell.  It overpowered the other smells…

As you can see, the cooking area in the left corner, click on the picture to enlarge it, the dirt floor shows signs of recent rain.  The wood stacked up to burn to keep the stove top (yes that is what I said) going.  That’s it.  There was another room beside this one just like it–only the grandmother and a couple of chickens were puttering about in there and there was one rocking chair.

Sorry about the blurriness of this picture, but I wanted you to see the grandmother–as well as the “hand washing pan”  Every now and then, I’d see her step to that window with a coffee cup and scoop up a cup of water from that same pan…not even sure I want to think about what she did with that…..I told Rene, it was to splash on the fire…?? What do you think?  (Remember it is hand-washing water…)

Oh, and one of the chickens flew up there and plopped her feathery behind on the pan–and then scurried away…

 The finished floor got a special finish when the chicken wandered in, as was her custom and did her business on the freshly smoothed concrete…Her contribution.

The chicken below–apparently didn’t stay locked up–as there was a huge hole in the box.  I’m guessing she was the one who contributed to the breakfast….

Eggs anyone?

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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