I bet you think I forgot you.  I didn’t.

It took quite a while to get the laundry caught up…

So now that the last towel is put away, let’s get back to it!

I’ve made a couple of collages to share some brief parts of the trip.–The team of medical staff from the Medical Center in Dothan, Alabama were fantastic!  The BMDMI facilities were amazing–tucked into a busy and guarded compound in the city of Guaimaca, Honduras.

The flight in was uneventful (which is good!) and the landing was even better than the first time.  My first flight–first mission trip was to Honduras in 2010.  Little did I know at the time, we were landing on one of the most dangerous air strips in the entire world.  It is now listed as number 4 on that infamous list!

So fast forward, several missions later, and once again, God amazed me with HIS goodness.  A great team of workers, good facilities (toilets that flush and has a curtain for privacy!), and my bottom bunk bed was very comfortable.  Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the details of the team as well as the surroundings.

When we landed and went through security, I was surprised to find that as I stood at the counter watching the officer input my information, my picture from 2010 came up on the screen.  Of course I laughed!  My looks hadn’t changed, but my heart sure had in these swiftly passing years.

The birds eye view of the mountains was taken from the roof, on what they called the “prayer room”.  Not a room with walls, but a space like an upper deck- you will see in other pictures later.  The breeze (when there was one) would help dry the sweat from the day.  The view of the cloud encased mountains would cause you to imagine the visit of God on Mount Horeb with Moses….or at least that’s what I thought of every time I went up there.

After getting settled, unpacked and watered up, we ventured out to look around.  I joined my friend, Rene Parkhurst on this trip–so you will see a familiar face from time to time.

The water tank you see here with the two pumps is the city’s only fresh water source.  In the picture under the tank you will see what is a daily and continual occurrence.  Someone coming for water.

They come from all over, on bikes, by foot, or motor vehicle, all coming with empty containers–coming to be filled.  Containers of all different sizes, some dirty looking, some clean, all empty.  Coming to be filled. (There is a message in that….)

We spent a little while Saturday morning bagging beans and rice for distribution later in the week.  5 pound bags of each.  I think each girl that helped will say an extra prayer when they are served rice in the future….for those that eat rice or beans as their main meal.  Many –actually the majority of those we served, only had perhaps 1 meal a day.  Think of that next time you throw food away (I know I will).

After we had completed that job, the girls stayed at the compound to try and figure out who was going to do what with the children’s ministry.  A few minor team changes after arriving found some doing jobs they were not aware they were going to do–but they said “YES” to God–and He gave them special grace to do what was needed! 😉  God is JUST THAT GOOD!

While the girls stayed behind, Rene and I tagged along with the men folks to the first house that would receive a concrete floor in the main living area.  Rene’s brother, Raymond brought a portion of his youth group–and I know I said it on Facebook, but I was so impressed with the response of his team–and how his youth worked together at whatever job they were asked to do.

They even let me shovel a few buckets of sand for the concrete mixing!  Other than that, on this particular outing, Rene and I took pictures and played with the children.
 I am including the video presentation of the week created by a missionary at BMDMI–from a compilation of many cameras (I had too many video’s on mine and the young guy extracting pictures couldn’t separate he said, -So you will not see my pictures here in the video).  You will see the medical team as they worked–and spent a little while one day in the village–they hardly had time to leave the hospital for rest and food.

More pictures to come—enjoy the video!  God is stirring and is up to doing some CHANGES in our lives…even today!  I have some amazing stories to tell….

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