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Passing Time


This past Friday I spent most of the day at my mothers…going through the passing years for a project for her.

It seemed the years flew by as we poured over pictures of life changing all around us.

This made me ever so conscious of the world—even more, I think than the 6:00 News. 

Looking at pictures brings the memories back to life—if you have good memories tucked inside, then it will be an enjoyable time spent—but for those who have hurtful memories—looking back through old pictures can bring those memories back so fresh as if they just happened yesterday.  And along with that, the hurt and pain caused during that time is relived in our minds….carried on our shoulders….felt in our hearts.

I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say that they enjoyed reliving hurt and pain.  I don’t believe anyone does.  But we do enjoy looking back at the joy.100_9896

Philippians 4:8 instructs to to think on those things that are honest, just, true, pure, lovely, the good reports, the praise worthy, virtuous…. in other words, things that will bring God glory and benefit us as believers.

It is too easy to get caught in as @Connie Haile used to say, the “Stinkin’ Thinkin’” trap!  We must suit up our minds.  Be ready for any fiery dart of thought-less temptation.

In a recent conversation, a friend reminded me of a period of time that I talked with my sister, Aimee daily.  Every morning like clock work.  I remembered why after the call was over. 

For almost two years my sister, Aimee and I had what we termed, “Driving Devotions”.  We each drove in opposite directions to get to our places of employment –and we were each going through such severe heartache, that we only let it out to one another—fully.  We read healing Scripture to one another and prayed for one another.

I interrupted regular living for that time with her.  Thinking back on it now, I see that that was the time and the relationship that God used to bring us both healing.   Without it, I would still be one weeping over my devastating loss.  So—even if I could go back, I wouldn’t change that—God brought me through too much to think I could do it any better on this side of those days today.

100_9915Many of my relationships—online relationships and personal relationships suffered from that time period…and that brings a sadness, realizing I cannot go back in time for those.  But during that time, The Lord brought freshness to my heart that is unexplainable.  I am a different person than who I was.  Jeff would confirm that. 

I am probably a bit more private—I have less in “things”, and seem to be in a constant, as Aimee says, “clean out” mode.

I’ve written here less, but lived out loud more.  Does that make sense?

Some of you I’ve been honored to meet in real life—and what an amazing impact you made in my life.  I still grin thinking of those of you that I have sat across the table with at Ruby Tuesday.  Some of you  I have been blessed to have in my own house at my own table.  What a TREAT that has been!

I’m grinning now thinking of me and Sharon standing outside the restaurant posing to get our picture made.  I was so nervous that day thinking, “what will she think of me”??? That is funny now.  Sharon was such a loving and friendly, godly woman.  I loved her instantly.

Each of you that I have met along the way, I loved from the start.  I know Jeff must have thought me nuts to keep inviting people I’d never met to get together for coffee or a visit.  But that was something God was doing in me—stretching me.  Boy did I get stretched!!

Then a new season started.  And God sat me down with Him daily for over a year—for a length of time that I will cherish.  I still look back at those days with longing—then the day came that I had to relinquish that time to begin another season and journey.

Sometimes it seems I’m in a constant state of season change…but that is what HE desires…for me to be moldable…pliable…shapeable…under His hands.

The Word of God has become my life line—as never before.  I am looking back only at the changes God has brought about in my life—and am thankful that He chose me to follow Him….to the unknown.

The “blog stories” that I would write online as they happened on an almost daily basis—Still do happen every week,  but I am taking those words into the classroom to teach our Young Adult Class.

This journey has taken me by surprise…as I am sure yours has you.  And if today, you aren’t where you want to be—keep looking forward—to the One who is guiding your every step. Don’t be afraid to say “YES!” to whatever He asks!  Surprises await!

Most of all, stay on your face before Him—in prayer and humbleness of heart.  Stay in His Word.  The Bible is our instruction for living.  Veer not to the left nor to the right…stay the course.

The end is in sight.


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Freedom Isn’t Free

When Kathy Bremer brought me her picture and wording to review for Sunday’s bulletin insert…it prompted some thoughts:  
Our freedom, while we enjoy it daily without a second thought–cost someone. 

Monday is Memorial Day and while I am glad to be an American–I am most glad to be a Christian.  A follower of Jesus  Christ.
Being an American was by birth.  Something I had nothing at all to do with.
Being a Christian, a follower of Christ was a decision I made.  Solely.  
Realizing that JESUS paid the ultimate price for my sins–so that I could live under His grace brings me to my knees.  Continually.

I thank my brothers and sisters in the armed forces who gave their ALL.  Those who came before me…lived and died before me…and those who will come after me.  To live and die so that I can live in a “free” America.

I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who left the glories of Heaven…lived and died as a man…so that I could live forever–with Him.  (John 3:16)

While you are enjoying your free Memorial Day,  
find someone to thank.  Sincerely.
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Child-like Prayers

In listening to children pray, I am amazed at the faith and trust uttered from their hearts.

Just last night, as my oldest daughter’s children were gathered around their table, several wanted to pray.  I love that.  More than one wanted to pray at the meal…not for the meal…but at the meal.

Their prayer request was not for themselves.  Not for their food.  But for their daddy.

“Camp Your angels ’round him”, the youngest one prayed.

“Touch him”, their daughter prayed.

“Be with him, heal him”, another of their 4 boys prayed.

What do you think God did with that prayer?

For certain He “camped His angels around their daddy”.

I could tell these were praying words they had heard prayed before.  The believed.  They knew where their hope lay:

“Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God.”  Ps. 146:5
“God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid”.  Is.  12:2
“When I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.”  Micah 7:8
“Trust in Him at all times”.  Ps. 62:8

Landen, the second oldest young boy took a piece of paper around to each one of us and had us write a note and sign our name.  I suggested he might want to share a Scripture and he jumped up and grabbed his Bible and said, “I’ve got one right here!”

I didn’t ask him which one–I knew that what he had in his heart was the right one.

I told my daughter today that I had seen much change and growth, spiritually speaking, in each child since the day she gave her all to Jesus.

Parents, they are watching.  They notice, they hear and they take to heart what you say and do.

Make sure it’s the right things.  Make sure it’s the example you want to leave them with.

Show them God.  Not only by your words…but in your deeds.  He is the only One that will remain a constant in their lives.

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