7 Days in Honduras

While in Honduras…
The time seemed to pass fast–just as much as it does here.  Only we were aware of our small –yet significant window of opportunity.

We had 7 days.

7 Days has been something that has come to me more than once.

Prayer for significant Word from God.

Affect others–in a significant way for 7 Days.

There is a movie, 7 Days in Utopia–staring one of my favorite actors–Robert Duvall–where this golfer–who seems to not have a handle on his temper–and he lands on Duvall’s land–  UPSIDE DOWN.

He was instructed daily– and patiently by a former golfer–(Duvall), who had “been where he was” in a manner of speaking. Duvall had all but destroyed his life–and his career and he had compassion on this young man who was bent and determined to “do things his own way”, no matter the consequences.

I’ve met people like that.  I have been that person even in my young adult life.  HUGE mistakes–and if it were not for the patience of God–and the love and mercy He extended…I’d be living my life in a major upside down existence today.

The lady in the picture above walked calmly by as the men were diligently working in the front yard of her Honduran neighbor. I’m not sure how far she had walked, or how much further she had to go–the town was probably another couple of miles away–

She was the picture of serenity.  Umbrella in hand, propped on her shoulder, head and eyes straight– working her way to her destination-not to be deterred.

I want to be that.  Determined.   Focused.  Head up-back straight–headed to make a difference.  Going strong to the destination and purpose that my Father has chosen.

Where to?  Heaven.  HOWEVER, there are many assignments along the way.  And I am focused on doing a good job–the best I can do.  I don’t want waste a second…

While in Honduras we were very aware of the time we were allotted.  Each bus ride–every bus load of kids– every hill, valley and house we visited.  We were aware.

While here at home are we the same?  Do we see each person as a possible mission?  Or opportunity to minister?

I’m guilty.  I don’t most of the time.  There are times I do–when I’m focused most on HIM–JESUS.  But the days when I’m absorbed in my own skin, I am afraid I am selfishly devoted to my needs…my wants…my desires.

Oh, Lord.  Break that mold.  Enable us to see what YOU would have us see–and SEE ourselves with the eyes that YOU see us with…even the selfish cloak of “me-ism”.  Let us shuck that off–and wear Your heart–inside and out.

Honduras 2013

These faces and this land brings it out of me–quickly–Honduras, Bolivia, Cambodia.  These are the places I’ve been and desire to return–for it was in those places that I found myself completely looking BEYOND myself and seeing “others”….yes, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But I saw it in me first.  HE showed me– “Me”.

I repent.  I resolve.

More of YOU LORD–less of me.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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One response to “7 Days in Honduras

  • Pat Holland

    Wow! Affect others–in a significant way for 7 Days. What a life altering, in every way altering mantra. Focus that energizes. Purpose that finds a way, that endures intimidation and hardship to do whatever, whenever.

    Powerful insight. Little did that lady know her walk would inspire a family of believers far, far away from the street where she walked! Blessings dear friend. Thank you for sharing your insight!

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