Buckle Your Seat-belt–or Get out of the car now

I had the hardest time thinking up a title for this post.  Mostly because I’m mad.

Not at you…but at the devil who is so infiltrating everything we do–

When did we start thinking that transvestism was a “good” thing?  A thing to laugh about?

Hilarious?  Not hardly.


Are you kidding me?

“Oh, Sis. Angie, they are just goofing around”…you may say…

Right.  But what about those that the enemy already has a hook in their jaw about their identity?  What does this activity do for them?  It excites them I’m guessing…makes them even think, “hey, this is fun—this is okay”.

I’ve seen it splashed on facebook today–just heard about it last night–until I am SICK to my stomach.  Sorry.  I know you didn’t sign up to read this today…  GOD’S Heart is so grieved by this…

This is where it starts…and it’s not harmless.

I’m sick to death of what I see the enemy doing in the lives of those I CARE about.  I’ve witnessed it for years–All the way back to when I was a teenager–and it is painful to watch people, young and old alike–succumb to the wares the devil is selling.

Today it may have a new look.  Designed to tempt the age–but it is still the same sin–and it is still UGLY.  And it is still LIFE changing…in a bad way.

I’ve probably stepped out on a limb here and some of you may take your name off the subscription list…I may even lose my place in writing for Internet Cafe`, Laced with Grace and StreetTalk…but I cannot sit idly by and watch the generation we are trying SO DESPERATELY hard to sow seeds of LIFE into –go down the drain…never to surface again…

I cried at lunch today at the realization that we have a job to do as Christians and it is getting harder to do–because even the enemy knows time is running OUT

…and that is





BE DIFFERENT?  YES!  But in the way that draws others to want THE CHRIST that YOU are living for…not “WONDER” what  is going on –who and WHAT you are or are living for….

My heart is sad and heavy.  The end is so near…

I had a dream the 23rd of September, I have shared with few close friends–and feel such an urgency to pray as never before for what GOD has for us to DO…in the last days.

Well, you know where I stand.  And my feet are in concrete.  I won’t laugh with you or at you–my face is hidden in prayer.

Missions is my heart–but even with that being said, nothing saddens me more than to see the gifts, talents and blessings that WE as a nation have, and yet we squander–waste, and selfishly live to ourselves…thinking the little things–that “everyone else” considers fun and cute is not harming anyone.

If you are a teenager reading this–realize that there are little, young, impressionable eyes watching every move you make…it won’t be cute to see them walk away from their godly upbringing into a life of sin that carries their soul straight into hell…  Will it?

Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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