Betty Shoopman’s Art…

WOW. WOW. That was all I could say when I walked inside Quayside Art Gallery.

2012-09-29 Bettys Art Show 004I was amazed…and hooked.  My eyes danced as I saw all the brilliant colors and all the LIFE inside each painting.

If you have never been (which I had not), it is worth the drive –and you can turn it into a real event—eat out and site-see while you are there!  Call the Gallery beforehand if you would like to see when Betty will be available.  She has prints, note cards and other art there for sale…and of course, you can purchase those hanging…IT IS AMAZING…

I love my dear friend Betty—I only wish I could have taken a bus load with me! It was a quick trip—(I didn’t even visit my daughter) but it was a GREAT trip!

   2012-09-29 Bettys Art Show 018

Aimee is pictured here with a portion of the amazing murals.  THERE is nothing like this walk through the Bible in art…GO SEE…



2012-09-29 Bettys Art Show 041 

Thank you Betty for a WONDERFUL treat—spending time with you and enjoying all that God blessed us with through your hands and heart of creativity!

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