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At the beginning of August, we embarked on a journey that I knew would change me…(Operation 180º–Bible Consuming–prayer and fasting.)

I sort of had that “feeling”…something BIG was about to take place…

Almost from the onset, the enemy had another change in mind.

His plan–to steal…your dreams…your vision…God’s plan for YOUR life…

Kill…the joy, the hope, the abundance of LIFE that is yours in Christ…

Destroy…all the good that is in our hearts.

WHY?  He wants us to remain passive



If you were here…we just might SHOUT this morning!( or maybe I would–you would be in sort of shock…)

Guess what?

I was a sinner…and now I’m FREE FROM SIN that held my soul captive and had had me hurling fast for hell!!

I WAS heartbroken…and now I’m JOY FILLED!!

I WAS sick (just last night!) BUT sometime during the night…after I whispered...JUST WHISPERED the name of Jesus…“JESUS”…I fell asleep–and WOKE UP HEALED!

Yesterday was filled with the same shadow that had followed me around for days…depression was creeping up behind me…trying to take me on the sly.

Guess what happens when we consume THE Word everyday…it begins to stick…

It begins to sharpen the edge of the blade…

And when the enemy starts in on YOU–then You will have a weapon that can take OUT the enemy of your life!

Are the troubles of your life going to disappear?

Not at all…

but you have a DELIVERER…and He will either walk with you THROUGH the fire…Take you AROUND the fire…or deliver you FROM the fires of life…

Yesterday…the enemy was creeping.  Affecting both the hearts of Jeff and myself…we sat down in the living room and just had a confession party –not a pity party…but confession…Not giving the enemy any stars…but just letting each other know where we were battling…

The battle had been severe…HOT even at times.  It turns out–WE WERE FIGHTING THE SOME OF THE SAME ISSUES.

Well–when it was spoken out–the covers yanked BACK–I began to see what the scheme of the enemy was!  His stinking,corrupt words?  I’m coming to that…

The enemy whispers the same thing to each and every believer…perhaps at different times…but I guarantee that everyone who names the Name of Jesus Christ has encountered the hot–stinky–nauseating breath of the enemy in their nostrils–and the distorted, raspy voice in their ears…OH–I need to let you in on a secret…MANY times the enemy will use YOUR OWN VOICE in your head!!!



It’s too hard.

Go back to a time in life when things were less stressful.

Take the easy road…everyone else is... (Bro. Shane Martin preached about that easy road last week…it is FILLED with people who ALL BOUGHT THE SAME LINE OF BULL.)

I have to REMIND myself from time to time–especially when it all starts crashing down…about the awesomeness of God…


I’ve shared this video on facebook–but I want to share it here…if you’ve heard it before–you can probably sing it with them…it will do you GOOD! SING IT LOUD!  THE ENEMY NEEDS TO HEAR IT FROM YOUR MOUTH!!! FROM YOUR HEART!!!  SING IT AND MEAN IT!!!  (I’m not done yet)….don’t click on it yet….

News flash for all those who are “non-compliant” from the church pew…Oh, wait…”who”?  Are  you seriously talking to ME? Uhm…YES!

When things aren’t going your way… you sit down.

You sit down spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and PHYSICALLY.  (REAL physical issues are different…the heart continues to worship and praise–with ABUNDANCE of JOY.)

I thought this morning–as I was waking up–around 4ish…“I’m BETTER.  I’m not SICK!”…I began to marvel at the peaceful rest my Savior gave me…and I began to praise Him!

Every day you are given a CHANCE to celebrate a MIRACLE…and you sit with arms neatly folded (yes sir, I’m talking to YOU)…and you pass up that chance!

What miracle?

Did YOU WAKE?  Could you HEAR?  COULD YOU SEE?…I don’t need go on with this, Jeff already did this one years ago–the point is YOU MISSED A CHANCE TO PRAISE HIM!!!

I’m telling you a truth–there will come a day–perhaps today…maybe even during our Sunday Morning Worship Service…The CALL will sound…

Not for the first of several loads…but THE LOAD…We will be LIFE FLIGHTED out of here!  And no amount of JUMPING…or CLIMBING…or even begging and pleading at that point will cause your feet to leave the ground….

You better (I’m being bossy) start praising HIM NOW.  HE IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!

Look around YOU!  Don’t look at what you don’t have…PRAISE HIM for what you DO HAVE!!!

Now…you can listen to the song…NOTHING compares to the awesomeness of God.

As Jeff and I drove to a gathering the other night–after our “mulling” around in our pity place–we began to SEE and FEEL the awesomeness of God in our lives…our hearts…and we were HELPED!

Psalm 121:1-8;

I found this one as I was typing this morning…I had left my Bible laying open on the bar here in the kitchen…ready for my  eyes and heart to be revived….

Psalm 3:3-6  “But YOU, O LORD, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the ONE who HOLDS MY HEAD HIGH.  I cried out to the LORD, and HE answered me from HIS holy mountain.  I lay down and slept, yet woke up in safety, for the LORD was watching over me.  I am not afraid of ten thousand enemies who surround me on every side”.  (NLT–emphasis mine)

RECOGNIZE WHO God is in your life…SHOUT IT!  Glorify GOD!  HE IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

3 thoughts on “The AWESOMENESS OF GOD”

  1. Amen!!! So powerful, the weapon of praise, and yet so easy to forget to use it! Thank you for the reminder. I's was swimmin' in a pool of yucky feelings for a day here too…but thank God for my husband and friends who remind me “YOU GOT THE WEAPON GIRL!!! Now USE IT!!!”

    Love ya!!!!

  2. The awesomeness of GOD indeed!!! That's enough! He's enough!

    Powerful post shared Angie! Praying for you, Jeff, your family and ministry as you continue forward in not only believing in God but believing God in everything!

    Blessings and love!

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