100_4509Saturday (which was your Friday), as we traveled to the Dream Center by bus to begin our first day of work, I noticed much of the roadside shack/shops and terrain was very similar to where we visited in Bolivia…in that it was in a very poor state.  Much activity in third world countries may be similar—

Children with very little clothes or food.—Very  little chance of a future…or maybe vacant of dreams and hopes of something more….

We passed many motorbikes with several people on them—of all ages.  Stacked and layered on the bikes to make insure safety? Really?  We would stroke out over that at home.   Yet it’s their way of life here.  The motorcycle that caught my attention and kept me thinking on it most of the day was a pink bike, with a couple of young kids on it—and the word “dream” painted on the side.

Since words themselves, tend to catch my attention, this word caught it and  held it as I began to think of the kind of dreams these children may have.

A dream to own a car?  No.  Probably not.

A dream to have a family? Maybe.

A dream for education? Why not?

A dream to make a difference? I think so.  We will hear the testimony of ones this week who are making a difference (more on that later in the week).

Our dreams and hopes keep us going—they give us a focus beyond the pain of today.  Many of these children endure such hardships, all they can see is what today brings…very little hope for future dreams.100_4604

What I’ve learned is that when you sponsor a child—you give them a chance to actually dream.  To have a hope beyond the rice patties—beyond the fields of life stealing hard labor.  You give their dreams a chance to grow.  For $34 a month many of these ladies on this trip have planted a seed of hope—and the promise of dreams into the hearts and lives of children and teens.

As we stepped off the bus, the smells were familiar.  It smelled like life—with the struggles and hardships that we have a tendency to turn our backs on.  I mean, let’s be honest.  If it smells, we turn away… If it causes us to “miss out on what we want”, we have a tendency to say, “well that’s not for us to worry about”….

100_4594In Matthew 28:18-20, when Jesus gave His disciples the Great Commission, He didn’t say, if it smells pleasant…

or “if it fits within your schedule”….

or He didn’t even say, “if it works out in your budget”…

He simply said GO.  Tell them.  Teach them.  Baptize them.  I’m afraid we’ve lived in a world of convenience so long we think everything MUST revolve around our convenience.

Yes, I am writing this from a room that is “not” cool.  The a/c doesn’t work as it should—and yes, we could go downstairs and complain….but you know, I have felt convicted of that particular complaint…my eyes sting with tears this morning as I recall how many complaints my lips have uttered for my own selfish desires.  And yet He still blesses me. 

My grandchildren have food.  Shelter.  Opportunities for education that is FREE. 

100_4579Look at the faces in the pictures.  Picture yourself giving up something to enable them to dream.  Giving them a hope for a better tomorrow.  One where they too can make a difference in the life of another.

Thank you Mission of Mercy for giving this opportunity “to the utter most” parts of the world.



You can help change the world…

one child at a time.








© Angie Knight-The Knightly News 2012.

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