Church in Cambodia

100_4666Today was a really good day.  We started it out going to church at the Dream Center at 8:00 this morning.  Words fail to describe the feeling that comes over you hearing a song sung in two different languages…but it was amazing.

Their worship team was anointed—and lifted their hearts and voices as one to The One….amazing.

As I stood there with the others singing and praising, I began to wonder how it all must sound to our Father…music beyond imagination.  One song, many voices, different languages…sweet aroma.

Vanessa and I sang a song, Jamey gave her testimony—the abbreviated version (those kids really couldn’t understand the full story—but what a blessing she was!  She is such an “on fire” woman for God and  she blesses everyone she comes into contact with!  An amazing witness and testimony of God’s saving, redeeming, and life changing power!



Shauna Wigington brought us THE word for the hour…and for every single soul present.

After the service, we went outside to interact with the kids for a bit, play some games and and change up the order of the day.  After the games and activity time with the kids, we went back inside and heard the most amazing testimony of the A/G Missionary over The Dream Center.  His testimony was printed up in the Pentecostal Evangel in 2006 (which I will later share).  Tonight is not the night for the details—the reality of what he experienced and shared—and then what we saw today at the temples we visited, has my mind unable to grasp it enough to do it justice.  I will share a few pictures—and retire for the night.  It has been a long EXHAUSTING day.

Tomorrow we will go back to the dream center and finish the painting—it will be an amazing day—completing the project (please pray that there are no setbacks on anything).

Tuesday is the day we will travel to the floating school…did I tell you it was about a 30 minute boat ride away?  (Are you praying?)  These boats will take 36 women to the village where we will do home visits with some of the children that are sponsored by the women who are with us….that will be a life changing day—I am certain.  Some are concerned about the bathrooms….as they have no electricity…and they “float” on the water.

We’ll see….

I’ve learned a lot of information about the public school system here…it’s free…but it costs A LOT.  According to the missionary, the kids can go to school, but the fees for everything is astronomical.  The government pays the teachers about $30 a month—but many times the teacher will go for months and not be paid…therefore the teacher will refuse to teach the kids during the day, instead choosing to force the parents to hire him or her out as a private tutor for their children in the evenings.  If the parents refuse, the children are treated harshly and even punished during the school day. 

The Dream Center is “dream” come true for the children that attend.  It is  a vocational school, teaching them all life skills, as well as gives them training in computer, music, and Bible Studies.  More on The Dream Center later.  Enjoy the pictures…It’s time for this weary traveler to say good night.










And for a sneak peak at the temple shots: 100_4760

And yes…we climbed….











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