Cambodia Bound


It seems like only last week…yet this journey began last year.

This week I will be traveling with a few friends…on a mission….

Our mission is to minister in every way we possibly can to the lives and hearts of children across–way– way— way— across the water.

Many of these little children live on the water.  In housing like we’ve never seen.  Some, I’ve been told may sleep in a small boat at night with a tarp stretched over the top.  (This breaks a mama’s heart)

I will be one of two official bloggers for the trip!  I will get the link of the other one and you can keep up REALLY well with the happenings over there. (Way over there.)

The flight is (I think) 12 hours or more–and they are 12 hours (or more) ahead of our time zone.

Am I nervous you asked?  Not especially.

This trip has been on God’s calendar for so long…and yet the day I thought I was signing up for another trip–(the one that got cancelled), He knew in advance.  He also knows me by heart–and knows that I might have shied away from this particular trip….but this trip…even more than any other—is an ordained trip for “this messenger”.

We will work with Mission of Mercy at the Dream Center, as well as the Mission of Mercy School in the village 🙂

I will upload a picture of the Dream Center later–with a special project that many of the ladies of the West Florida District Assemblies of God-took to heart and sewing machine! 

A wonderful sewing day making curtains for the Dream Center dorm rooms–where we sewed “seams” and sowed “seeds” into lives most of those will not see this side of heaven…but that didn’t matter. 

What really mattered was the lives we could share Christ with…here and there. 

Toothbrushes have been donated-(Thanks to Savanah’s mom!)-gifts bought and readied for the trip.  Some have asked if they can donate and send….the answer?  Yes.  Make it small–no liquids–no guns or anything resembling war toys.  Coloring books, crayons, fun stickers, balloons, flat puzzles, etc.  You can drop off at the District office no later than Monday, March 5, 2012–or call me and let me know you are coming and I will meet you there!

And Pray. Pray. Pray.  This is the longest (so far) trip I’ve been on.  Pray for the families of all that are going–that all stay healthy and safe–so that we can focus on what we are sent to do.

Give them Jesus.

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