How Far Can You See?

Without my glasses, I can’t see very far….
But with my glasses on –or my contacts in, my eyesight is much better….

Still there are things I cannot see. 

Every time  I see this particular sign near my folk’s house, I think about our trust in God.  Our sight is limited.  Therefore we must put our faith, hope, confidence and complete trust in Him…who sees all things.

Are there things blocking your vision?

My vision has been blocked, distorted–and blinded at times. 
There have been times when I “thought” I knew the outcome of a situation–yet I was surprised….
He alone knows the outcome of this particular mission trip to Cambodia. 
Jeff will deliver 3 of us to the airport tomorrow morning very early–and we will leave here–knowing that God already knows what is across the water…
He knows the “who”–the “what”–the “how”….and the why.  It’s because of HIM that we go.
As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.  2 Samuel 22:31 NKJV
I cannot fully express to you tonight in words all that I have felt today.  To say this day has been emotionally tumultuous would be mild. I had to put my hope and trust in HIM early this morning…and remind myself that HE planned this trip–not me–all day long.
We (the girls going) really appreciate your prayers.   If you wake up during the night…please pray for us….when you sit down to your meal…please pray for those we will be feeding…we will be feeding them “Jesus”….with all we have in our hearts.  The school where we will be part of the time doing VBS has no electricity….no running water….are you getting the picture?  Go to the blog I wrote the other day and look at the photos…. 
Stay tuned to this blog, and another blogger named “Lois” from Louisiana will be blogging this journey. Her blog is “Dirt and Divinity“. SHE IS AN AMAZING photographer. I sneaked a peek. Visit Lois’ blog–she tells the story well.
We are packed to the MAX with supplies and gifts for the children.  Jeff helped me rearrange and shift my “stuff” several times to get the weight right….(Pray).
As internet works…we will both post each night.  PRAY that the internet works without ANY complications.  I believe HE cares about EVERY detail of our lives.
Keep your eyes and heart open–even though you can’t see over the hill…
He can.
(Life has been extremely busy…I’m sorry I’ve not posted much regarding this trip –but more is coming…)
© The Knightly News 2012

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