Sunday-Church-and City Streets

What a DAY!

I will hit just a few highlights–there will be so much that these folks will share when we get home!

After we skyped in for about 10 minutes of service time this morning–we took our sleepy selves to rest. Then met back for supper at 4 this afternoon. I have some of the pictures of just outside our hotel. Don’t be alarmed–it is just as it looks–but if any of my Honduras buddies read this–we did things we would NOT have done while in Honduras.

We walked to supper, which was at a restaurant just down the street–had an AWESOME meal! Came back and divided into three groups for church.

The largest group took the rented bus–they heard Mike, our missionary preach. The second group was picked up after us, so I’m not sure about their transportation–but they were ministered to by New Life’s Mission Director, Brandon Spencer. (AND I think he preached without an interpreter!)

Lastly, Jeff, Brother Orville, his son, David, Kim, Kara and I were picked up by a pastor and his wife (taking 2 taxi’s) and we were blessed by a message from Kara Bremer! Amazing young woman following God’s direction for her life!

The scarey thing–was not the hair raising taxi ride into the boonies….it was the standing by the road side–blocks from the church–waiting on 2 more taxi’s to take us BACK. And church service was not short. Did I mention it was DARK? Okay–we’ll save the rest until we return.

We are excited about getting started on the church tomorrow! We were BLESSED tremendously from God today! I am amazed yet again that He has allowed me a peek into the window of His work. I am thankful to stand along side my sweet husband–and he has done an outstanding job!

Enjoy the pictures!

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