Arrived Safe and Sound

Many hours have passed since we left Pensacola, Florida–spent a day and what turned into a night in Miami due to the bad weather–then on to La Pas, Bolivia and finally arriving at our destination this morning just before church time at home!

Santa Cruz, Bolivia has some similarities to what some of the mission team has seen before–but there are many fresh new eyes among us.

We were able to skype in to do the “Missions Minute” at church! What a blessing!! To be able to let those dear ones know that we are safe, was indeed something that put a bright smile on every face here!

I have uploaded all the pictures–instead of weeding out the duplicates–please bear with us for this one time. We wanted to get some up for you as soon as possible. We didn’t get as many shots driving through the town as I have in the past, due to speed, and road conditions.

They were having a “National Walk Day” and we thought for a little while that they were going to make us get out–unload our luggage and walk to the hotel! (When several of our big guys pilled out of the bus to see what was us–they decided that we sort of “out weigh them”. 😉

Be BLESSED and pray for us!  We will be in church with them tonight!

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One response to “Arrived Safe and Sound

  • Tammy Smith

    Thanks Sis. Angie for the pictures. What a wonderful surprise it was to have our team join us in church for the “Missions Minute”! It was so nice to hear everyone's voices… especially my dear hubby's. The kids thought it was really special that Chris prayed for them before Kidtricity was dismissed from the sanctuary. The children have lots of questions. So… I hope he and David will be ready to answer them! We love you all and are praying for you!!

    Tell Chris we got 3 inches of rain. More rain in the forcast for this week! I love you Chris!! Andy says hi, too! We miss you!


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