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Boarding Pass

Without it…we can’t fly.

Without our green slip of paper we were given upon arrival and “purchase” of our visa’s…we can’t leave this country.

Everyone has taken great care this week to make certain we have what we need to get “home”.

Are you reading between the lines?

How well are you caring for the GIFT you were given when you accepted Jesus as your Savior?

It’s a question I need to ask myself DAILY.

This trip has been so full of emotion–charged with energy–stock piled with love and cemented friendships with the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

Complete strangers met–and by the time we parted company–we each had the assurance that one day there would be no language barrier!  Just that knowledge makes me want to SHOUT!

I have had the blessing of photos from Kim Aycock as well as Rene Parkhurst.  They have captured things I could not.  As I looked through Rene’s pictures I saw all the children activities that I didn’t participate in.  The few things I saw and interacted with took place inside the church as we were working.

For the first time I have been able to work beside my husband on a mission trip.  Building a church.  I cannot express what that has done for me.  THIS I loved.

This man has lived and breathed this trip since the LORD first  began stirring his heart in the first months of this year.  When we set out on a 21 day fast–the LORD began rearranging some ideas and notions in Jeff’s heart.  (I imagine he will share some of that at church.)  He has rearranged many notions in mine as well.  And it will continue.

This week I have done what I never imagine I would do beside the man I cherish–laid brick, troweled on mud, joked, laughed, and even shed tears together over what God has done in this awesome group of people.

Jeff and I have talked about how blessed we have been to be with THIS particular group of people this week.  As I stood and listened to Brandson Spencer, mission director of New Life A/G, share the fact that his 16 year old son was celebrating his birthday again without his dad–and how that broke Brandon’s heart–and with tears streaming–I knew it was a fact.  Both Brandon and his wife Becky share a passion and love for missions that Jeff and I do.  And when you love Christ this way–there are times when life decisions are harder than others. 

I saw father and son work side by side this week–and friends laugh and joke and get serious together.  This was such a blessing to me.  Parents, take the time to “work” along beside your kids.  They need to SEE that and FEEL the love you have for others!  What a difference it will make in their lives along their journey.

Our love for Christ will be evident in our actions–a cliche` that comes to mind and fits, “you are what you eat” and “what you see is what you get”.  If we consume the WORD…we will be made in HIS likeness–we will bear the image of Jesus Christ.  Then people will come to know HIM through our love in action–and our words. 

Jeff talked about our actions this morning in devotion.  How important they are–more so than we think.

When Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (,Matthew 16:24), I believe He meant what He said.  We will face times when denying ourselves will be painful–because it will involve those we love most.  But in order to “please” God–and follow after Him in the way He has commanded–we must deny ourselves.

It’s late and I’ve rambled.  I will leave you with this–“do all you can for Christ now–with all the time you have left.  We only have this ONE life.  Do it right.  Live with no regrets.”

Be in prayer for the following tomorrow:

  • Pray that we shine for HIM
  • EASE in going through customs both here and in Miami.
  • Safety and health of each one.
  • POWERFUL services at our respective churches on Sunday!
  • And ANYTHING else this tired brain has left out!

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Our Difficulties—God’s Opportunities

100_2474When we arrived in the village of Don Lorenzo, after traveling for many miles on several bumpy-dusty, dirt roads for 30 minutes at LEAST—we saw God’s opportunity.

A church, which began in a house, now needed room for growth.  It can take many years for a church to reach the ability to have real walls, a roof and pews.  Mainly because of the lack of adequate income.

They had a small piece of land, some pieces of wood and tree stumps for pews and a tarp for when it rained—and to keep the scorching sun off their head.  But they needed help.

The church roof!When we gathered in the place where the church now had a roof, but no walls, it was hard to imagine what 4 days of work would bring…but God already knew what those days would bring.

What unfolded the next few days was nothing short of a miracle.

A church was built. 

With the combined effort of Grace A/G and New Life, Nueva Luz was built.  “New Light”.


Many hands made the job easier.

This group of people—have amazing hearts.

Not one single genuine complaint was heard.

Not about the bathroom—it was accepted for just what it was.

No complaints about the children running in and out. 


They are the reason we are here.

Yes the roads were dusty—yes it was difficult to breathe.  Yes we had sinus headaches and problems of that nature—but I promise—there was no whining going on.

I wonder how long it will take us to fall back into the same ridiculous habits of Americans?

I wonder if the recliner and remote will have the same affect?  I wonder our nice bathrooms with fresh clean water, and our quick drive thru’s for food—will they all be viewed the same? 

Walk with me a minute.

Out the door your hear the beeping horns.  Not out of anger, but to let you know “hey, I’m back here and coming through”.  You will notice all the trash—everywhere.  It lines the streets.  And you may even catch a whiff of the trash as you walk by.

100_3227On almost every corner—there is an orange stand.  The sweet smell of freshly peeled oranges are a nice treat, hidden in the dusty, busy, painfully crowded streets.  (We didn’t eat any of these oranges, but the church folks blessed us each day at lunch with fresh oranges and bananas.)

The sidewalks are busy—the streets are crowded—and the air hangs heavy at times.  But then the breeze will pick up and blow the hair back from your face—and you feel instant relief!  This is home—to our new church family and friends—and it has it’s beauty…even among the problems and the not so pretty parts of life.100_3083

This tree was my gift of “purple” for the week.  I smiled and said, “thank You” to my Father when I snapped the picture.  What a great gift!  And I thought of Wanda…and how she would have loved to see these little tanned faces with deep brown eyes.  Dirty faces, many hearts washed clean last night during the invitation.


That’s what we came for.

To make a difference.

No matter what kind of difficulty we face in life…it is an opportunity for GOD to be the “I AM” of our life.  That means—it’s all HIM.  Nothing of us.  Except our obedience. 

Today—we are full.  To the brim and running over.  If you stand near…I promise some will spill.

There are many more pictures—many more stories to be shared.  We will share at our church on Sunday night and New Life will share soon—of how we were all changed—just by giving up ourselves to make a change for others.

100_3152If you sponsored someone, prayed for someone, helped someone with the incidentals along this journey—thank you.  Your name is recorded along with ours in the work that has been done this week.  May God shine HIS light of love so deep into your life that you cannot find where it begins or ends.

I’ll write more shortly.

Stay tuned.