Building the Walls

This morning, as we rode to the church building site, Jeff shared devotion and prayer with the team –and it was a Word.  “Listen”. 

“Listen to the voices around you this week–life is happening all around–and God is speaking to us in and through it all.”  You may be surprised at what you hear.  I can say–I have listened.  And heard.

As I stood during a short break, and as we waited on more concrete to be mixed, and “listened” as Brandon Spencer, New Life Mission Director, shared his heart and how he heard God call him and his wife Becky to do “more” than what they first thought ministry would be, tears stung my eyes. 

I’m thinking, “been there”.  Heard that.  Or at least, something similar.

We have experienced some things today that made me almost catch my breath. 
A word. 

A sentence.

A sight.

Today, when the first brick was set I thought of the people that would come on Sunday to a brand new place!  But the “church” already exists–it is the people–who gather and lift of the name of Jesus Christ!  Worship to God is utmost important to the people.  When you look in their eyes, you see anticipation!  They will have an actual building–rather than a tarp stretched over poles to keep the hot sun from beating down on them. 

I can just imagine that come Sunday–there will be MUCH praising going on!

They will still sit on the boards laid across stumps as their pews.  They may not have an organ, a guitar, microphone or piano–but they have voices and hearts that will lift so high that God will lean over and hush the heavenly chatter to listen to their praise.  I can just imagine what it could possibly sound like by the time it reaches heavens Ears.  Like nothing we hear on earth.

Okay. I must hush–or I will be here all night sharing what I feel. 

Let me allow YOU to feel.  Not the heat –but the presence of Almighty God as you view the pictures. 

Breath deep of the air that surrounds you.  Look closely at what you have.  Know that YOU are blessed beyond measure. 

EVEN if your a/c is on the blitz.
EVEN if you don’t like the teacher you have this year.
EVEN if you don’t have a car like “so-and-so”.
EVEN if ________(you fill in the blank).

You are blessed.  I am reminded yet again and again.  May these sights never leave my mind. Or yours.


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