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A Week of Tears

Dear ones.  This has been a week of tears—not the hormonal kind..but the “prayerful” kind.

Without telling you what God showed my heart and mind—know this:  He will reveal things to you when you “box” yourself in with Him—every—single—time. 

I read an account of William Seymour from the book “They Told Me Their Stories”, by Tommy Welchel and according to several eye witness accounts, William Seymour put a box on his head—as directed by God—which may have seemed ridiculous to many—but the effects of his action of obedience—was  an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and anointing on that man as never before experienced since (my opinion) the message preached on the Day of Pentecost, by Peter himself! Acts 2:1-47.

I sought Him—He showed up.  No, God didn’t tell me to put a box on my head—but He did require me to sit still—leaning hard into His presence—He was here.  In my house.

2007-02-14 Alabama 2011 013

Some of the tears that fell this week were prayers for those suffering such tragedies as the onslaught of the weather persisted in ripping apart lives across our Nation.

As Jeff explained all the details of the trip to Rainbow City, Alabama, so hard hit by those tornadoes in April, I sat amazed at all the pictures.

Pictured here is a group of men from California, who flew in, purchased all the tools they needed to work, rented a couple of vans and was directed to the sites to work.  They gave all they had in the work—and then gave all they had purchased when they left. They gathered around the homeowner to pray before they left.  Did they know them?  No.  Did they have to know them to help them? No.

Two accounts specifically touched my heart.  One was a father who held onto his son as he was being sucked out of the sunroof of the car they were riding in.  As they saw and felt the tornado, the son began to recite scriptures—over and over.  All those he had learned all his life—and then he was gone.  Right out of his dad’s arms. (From the Joplin tornado)

The other account was one that Jeff relayed when he returned from Rainbow City, AL.  He showed me the picture of the site where the house “was”.  The older couple had been in their living room—praying because of the storm—and then all of a sudden she was sucked out of the house when it erupted and thrown over 200 yards and died.  The house, or what was left of it fell on him—yet he is alive. 

Why did these tragedies and all the others take place?  I have no answers for these—yet I must say this:  Tragedies come to all.  It doesn’t pick and choose by age, sex, race or religious affiliation.  It’s part of life. 

What matters is what we do with such events.  Do we curse and blame God?  Or do we reach out to help those in need?  Friend, if such event strikes my life—and I am sucked from this world to the one waiting—I pray that I am quoting the Word of God on my way up—or having a conversation with my Father in the moments before.

If it takes it, I will put a box on my head to make sure I am where I need to be in Him—daily. I’ve never been more serious about His Work—His Call—and His Word.

If it takes a box—friend, don’t wait a day longer to get connected with Him.


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What Community Looks Like Up Close

Saturday I was honored to snap some pictures of my niece before her Senior Prom.  What a milestone.

Seems like just last week she was toddling around…and now, here she is about to step out into life full force.
As I took pictures at Lake Seminole of her, many parents, grandparents and other “Prom Attendee’s” began to drive up.  This was an upclose look at “Community in Action”. 

The grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, were just as excited as the Seniors about this part of their life.

I found out later from my sister, Aimee that all the parents arrived at the prom around 10:00 to take the pictures of the traditional “Senior Walk”.  Wow.  I was most likely asleep at that time–so I don’t have those pictures, but I do have some sweet ones to share.

Let’s show appreciation for moms and dads, aunts, uncles and cousins, grandparents (they brought folding chairs to sit in while all the picture taking and posing took place)–and say a hearty “Thank You”–for helping these great young folks get to the place they are today–a place of readiness to face the world…and all it has to offer–letting go of the hands that held them tight all their lives, and holding out their hands to the Creator, God the Father and all that HE has in store.

You know, all of these pictured, even those behind the camera lense, may not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, but I’m so glad–that any point in life can be a starting point with Him.

What about you?  Do YOU know HIM?

The great God of all this world is behind the camera lense of your life…snapping pictures away–what are you giving HIM to work with?

Happy Graduation y’all!

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Common GROUNDS….

Thursday night we will have our “5th” Common Grounds.  In the fall of last year, I felt the urge to begin this home prayer group.  I was unsure what God was up to.  I’m still not sure about all the details, but I know enough to follow and listen.

Angela Jackson and Vanessa Perkins, join me as hostesses and we pray and fast in preparation of the meetings.  The first time we met, my sweet husband made us two cakes–I had cookies, tea, coffee, lemon water, you name it–it was here!  But hardly anyone ate.

As we settled in the living room about an hour after our “get acquainted” time, God began to move and work among us…and He set a pattern for what was to come.  Of course, knowing it’s HIS pattern, it is subject to change.

One change we made, we don’t come to eat–we come to share Him.  So I encourage you –eat before you get here– 🙂 (grinning)  After cooking and preparing for 2 of the meetings, and having no one “want” to eat, we decided to not have food.  Coffee and water is provided.  Some even bring their own kleenex!  (We generally go through the kleenex.)

Each month as I’ve prepared by prayer and study for what He would have me share–He has revealed a truth.  I’ve been blown away by HIS awesome power. 

Each time we’ve met in my home, God has poured out HIS presence among our hearts and lives as we seek HIM fully–and totally.  Tomorrow night we anticipate MORE.

MORE of HIM–MORE of His anointing–His presence.  WE WANT ALL HE HAS.  We want to move from this place tomorrow night–changed.  Re-arranged if necessary.  Some of us might need Him to step in and mess up our world.  We want to be MORE than just observers….we want to be partakers of ALL HE HAS.

For the FIRST TIME in our meeting history,

we are having a guest speaker:

Missionary  Angeline Mhlanga, from Zimbabwe.

We are EXPECTING God to do His great and mighty things among us–as we PRAY and seek HIM with all we have.

 We would love to have you join us!

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River LIFE

If you live anywhere in the South–I say that because I don’t recall seeing the first decal of this type when driving through some of the Northern States in March of this year, but if you are “from around here”, you’ve seen various “life” decals.

Salt Life; Swamp Life; River Life; Beach Life, etc.

When I first saw “Salt Life”, I must confess my ignorance…or naivete.  I thought “Salt Life” meant that they were staking their claim as Christians to being the “salt of the earth”.  Hmmm.  I soon found out the truth.

I actually preferred my way of thinking.  If I had that sticker for my back windshield–I would be staking my claim as being what I feel we are all–as followers of Christ to be:  The Salt of the Earth.

My daughter, Tiffany and her husband went camping last night–woke up to soggy skies, but they soon cleared to reveal this look at the river.

I instantly thought of two verses in the Bible. 

One says what we are to HAVE if we believe in Christ Jesus.  The other says what we will EXPERIENCE at the end of this life IF WE HAVE believed in Christ Jesus.

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'” John 7:38 NASB

Can I tell you the river of life flowing from my life is the most exciting feeling in the world?  Just the knowledge that HE wants you and me to FEEL His presence in such a way.  I have felt that powerful river–and as the leaves of the trees rustle and twirl about–clapping their hands–and so do I!

Can I tell you the excitement jumps in my heart at this?

“And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, [was there] the tree of life, which bare twelve [manner of] fruits, [and] yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree [were] for the healing of the nations.”  Revelation 22:1-2 KJV

People!  What a time that will be!!  If the very thought of being with Christ Jesus doesn’t send your heart into magnificent palpitations–oh my!  That’s what it does for me! 

If life struggles are weighing you down..take hope–and take heart.  We’ve come a long way–but we’ve not much farther to go.  Set your gaze on the river…


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When Disaster Strikes

Who do you call?

Where do you turn?!cid_523EE97779DB4F35BFE0565A988A7328@FredsPlumbinPC

The day the tornados hit Alabama and changed it’s landscape forever—everyone was going about their business as usual.  But in a matter of seconds, business as usual changed forever.

Jeff spoke with a young man last week and learned that he lost “30” close friends in the life altering events of catastrophic weather.

Growing up in a faith based home—where we called on God for everything—we saw Him deliver us from many things—walk us “through” many things—and save us “out of” many things.  THIS is something we have never faced.  We have faced fire, deaths, health crisis, family drama, but not this.

In talking with my sister Aimee last week she shared this:  “Everything in our lives has to go through the filter of God first.  Just like Job.  His disaster’s were not a surprise to God— God didn’t keep it from happening.  God filters what happens and what is kept “from happening” in our lives on a daily basis.”

The question for many is “why”.  Why THIS horrendous occurrence.  I have to remind myself—that good and bad rains on the just and the unjust alike.  Just because we serve God with all our hearts does not keep bad things from happening in our lives.  BUT serving God does give us a Rock and Comforter that those who walk away from God does not have.

In my darkest valleys—when I felt all my world was crashing down—I felt God.  I knew God was there—Did the problem go away?  Not exactly.  I had to walk through it just like anyone else would.  But I had a hand to hold me.  I had the knowledge that God was by my side the entire time.  I knew that.  I felt that.

Have there been times when I didn’t feel God in the storms of life?  !cid_CA99BBE189244BF590D4B83D0D7B7099@FredsPlumbinPC

Yes.  Truthfully, I have had those days where I felt like I was drowning and there was no hand to save me. 

Yet He was there.  And the moment I took my focus off of all that was “wrong” and put my eyes on Him—He reached down and lifted me up.  Many times He sent “a friend” to help me.  A friend that leant a shoulder—and prayed that prayer of faith when I felt mine was all but gone.

That is what our mission team is doing next week.  Lending hands and shoulders—and backs.  They are going to Alabama to work on the clean-up efforts in some of the areas hardest hit.  They will appreciate your prayers.  Also, if you would like to lend support in other ways, I am sure you can contact the churches in those areas, or the Red Cross to see how you can be effective –in lending a hand and heart to those in need.

Many lost loved ones—their homes—possibly their jobs.  So many lives are changed forever by the winds that blew through Alabama.  But we can extend to them the love of Christ through help with clean up, financial support, prayer—and being there to listen to their story.

I thank Randy Robbins from Alabama—who is one of this storms survivors.  His story is nothing short of miraculous.  These photographs came from his e-mail.

Continue to pray for all those picking up the pieces of their lives.

Memory Lane

This morning, I was blessed to have my mother and sister, Aimee join me for breakfast and devotions.  As we sat and shared fond memories—a few tears fell.  We felt the presence of the LORD in our midst.

Mother shared what she had been experiencing and thoughts from her heart and the Word—and Aimee did likewise.

I shared some of the “God events” of the week.  I told them how He had held my hand—and held me close as I walked through an area of rough terrain.  Spiritually speaking.  It was so rough as a matter of fact, that Nurse Aimee diagnosed my severe rash as “nerves”.  Hmmm.  Does that mean that I wasn’t “giving” all the problem to Christ?  —

We talked about how the hand of God has been filtering every detail—some things He kept us from—others He allowed us to walk through –and while we held HIS hand, He was glorified and we grew in our faith.

I am blessed with two daughters of my own.100_0096

They grew faster than I ever imagined…and now have their own children.

Where did the years go?

I come from a heritage of godly mothers.  They didn’t come to accept Jesus as their personal Savior early in life, but when they DID—HE impacted and changed their life as they never dreamed. 

Thanksgiving 2010The stories they could tell…

I wonder what they would say if they could meet our girls and their children now….

Would they know that we’ve tried our best to lead by example? 

Would they know we have carried the torch that they lit when they began their walk with the LORD?

I imagine if we talked about sleepless nights filled with worry and tears—prayers on our knees, they would share some similar.

Those two grandmothers of mine—finished their course well.  They’ve passed through the portal of this life and time into eternity—they dwell in paradise with the LORD.  And we will soon….

I am blessed with a mother who represented Christ in our home growing up—and we knew we could count on her to pray.  Always.  I hope that I’ve been that same kind of mother to my girls.  I hope that they both will be that kind of mother to their children.  Always.

Thank you for joining me on this little trek down memory lane.  It’s fun sometimes to reminisce.  When doing so I am always conscious of the hand of God in our lives…and am so very thankful.

To all the mothers out there reading today—I pray that you have an incredibly blessed “Mothers Day”.  This slide show is a “re-run” from one from a few years ago.  I hope you enjoy!


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