Just TOO Busy…

When I first met Joanne Kraft at the She Speaks conference in 2008 in the practically empty (because we were late) Bloggers Reception room, I was instantly drawn to this new friend in a bright yellow shirt.  Her smile and laughter contagious, her questions about our lives (mine and Aimee’s) were sincere–not just casual conversation.

Many months later, this same friend flew from her home in California to my home in North West Florida and stayed…for several days.  Partaking of Sweet Tea and Red Velvet Cake….and I knew I had a friend for life.

Now, this same incredible friend, who I call “sister”, has written a book —that I can PROMISE you will LOVE! (And even if my name never appears on the cover of any book as an author—my name is in HER BOOK!)

The 21st Century “Erma Bombeck”.  Oh yes she is!

Everyone needs to laugh at themselves –and know that God has a funny bone in all the serious stuff of life.  He really does have a funny bone…He CREATED laughter!  He gave us reasons to share that same side of silly life with others!

Too often we try to cram all of the activities –mostly for our “kids” sake into their lives–and–subsequently into our lives–and we are missing the whole point of life.  Who are we kidding!!!  It’s NOT about letting them do ALL the things we missed out on—it’s about being THERE for them, as parents.  Being the mom and dad God created–giving HIM priority in OUR lives–and showing them “by example” how.  “In this book, you will laugh your way to learning the ten telltale signs that you are just too busy and you will find the courage to guard your own family from the temptation from constant distraction.”

Too much–too soon causes stress to begin early–way before our own kids get old enough to handle the juggling act of parenting.

Do yourself a HUGE favor.  Get this book.  Not just because my sweet California friend has a witty way with words…but because you need to see the VALUE of family–and the sacredness that God intended… 

Joanne will take you step by step on a “how-to-fix” your own family….and you will laugh with her along the way–come on!  Don’t waste another day juggling life–and missing out on what God intended for your family.

(All comments to this post are entered to win a $25 gift card!!!! Go VISIT Joanne and tell her where you read this review!!)

Joanne Kraft knows she is blessed. As an author and speaker, her passion is to encourage women through laughter – one heart at a time.

A mom of four children, she has heard and seen it all! She’s married to an amazing man who shares her love of coffee shops and Taco Bell Enchiritos without onions. Together they are raising their four children in Northern California.

Joanne has been published by In Touch, Today’s Christian Woman, ParentLife, Kyria, and P31 Woman magazines. She serves as Marriage Study Leader, Group Leader of Inspire Christian Writers, and 911 Dispatcher in Sacramento County, California You can find Joanne at her personal blog, “Blessed…”

“Just Too Busy” is the story of the Kraft family’s head-on collision with busyness and the twelve-month experiment that changed their lives. When their children could recite the dollar value meals at McDonald’s faster than their times-tables, Joanne and Paul Kraft knew something was very wrong. So, instead of continuing their busyness habit and fitting more into their schedules, they took a year off from all extracurricular activities and learned how to be a family again.”

And I can say personally, I am blessed to know this mom, sister, and friend personally.  She is dear.  She is precious.  I am thankful God crossed our paths!

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