Summer Camp 2011

Last FULL Day of Cooking…

Well, we finished up the last full day of cooking….and I have to say, the grilled chicken was a BIG HIT! Thanks Jerry!

Donece made a homemade peach cobbler that was so good “it’d make you wanna slap yo mama!”

I’m just say’n…

Nancy, Mrs. Everlee, Donece and Jerry Hicks, and myself are THANKFUL that today went as well as it did….we won’t talk about the RUSH at Taco time….

God was good…all week long. Tomorrow the sweet little munchkins will all go home…. (smile–sigh– take some more Aleve)

I have NEVER hurt this bad all over….EVER. EVEN after working in the field all day…planting tomatoes. ALL DAY. ACRES of TOMATOES… I’m just say’n….

This was a challenge. I honestly laid in the bed early this morning–somewhere between 4 and 5 and thought…”can I do this for 5 more weeks???

I told Jeff yesterday…after a major crying jag in the shower…I wasn’t sure if I could hold up. I am leaving for “She Speaks” in July..and after working Monday through Wednesday of THAT week, I wonder if I will have enough sense to get on the right airplane on Thursday morning….

I guess if I don’t show back up Sunday evening…then Jeff will know that I didn’t have enough sense….

If I don’t —maybe I will wind up somewhere very cool…like Alaska???

All of us are suffering from the extreme heat in the kitchen and the air conditioner being OUT.  Swollen legs, hands and faces…and no, it has nothing to do with the peach cobbler.

If I don’t get back online this weekend…(maybe I will, but just in case), HAPPY FATHER’S Day to all you great Dad’s out there! I personally think I am MARRIED to the BEST DAD any children ever had!

I love you Jeff!! You are a WONDERFUL husband to me…and super daddy to our girls…and I think there are 7 little kids who would say you are a pretty neat “Papa” too….

AND I am excited to hear him preach on Sunday at Red Hill Methodist Church! Yay!!!

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