What a Camp Counselor Looks Like…and random thoughts…

I bet you’ve wondered what it takes to have a camp counselor heart.

We saw it up close and personal.

There are MANY awesome counselors—but the camp counselor—that seems to stand out year after year is Mel.  He has no clue the impact he makes on not only the kids, but the adults and kids alike have witnessed his character of godliness in action year after year.

This is what we’ve seen, when he thought no one was looking.2011-06-14 Kids Camp 2011 Day 2 006

A pastor who prays for the kids—cares about the kids—takes time to play—have fun—and get serious at the right times with the kids.  It can be done.

As we were working in the cafeteria—we were very much “in the cooking action”, but as we chatted and worked, we each glanced out across the empty cafeteria and saw this every day.  A pastor with a heart to see the needs met in kids lives.

The spiritual needs.

When the air conditioner went out at the BEGINNING of camp—it didn’t take long for our  weary backs and over heated bodies to lose the smile on our (my) faces, but Mel kept the kids on track—addressing the issues that arose—in the way it needed to be addressed.

I have to be honest, there was a day in the cafeteria when we had heard, “I don’t want that”, or “Do you have any _____”  (say that out loud about 75 times in a whiney tone and then you will get the picture—wait, work up a solid streaming sweat first—then you will have a TRUE picture), until we were about in tears (or again, maybe that was just me).  We were tired –hot—sweating—with backs and feet killing us, and one of us made a comment  to the other (I think it might have been me), “they think this is McDonald’s or Burger King”… and then someone wisely summed it up with, “We work for the KING, but this ain’t Burger King”.

That was it.  I realized right then that is exactly what we do with the Word of God.  We want to pick and choose the parts we like the best.  We want to only adhere to what seems easiest.  Let’s don’t choose the hard places to walk please, but give us only “fluff stuff”.  

The Holy Spirit nudged me with this:  “Do you think I get tired of hearing the same tune over and over?”

Conviction sat on me like a brick over that day—the way I felt—the way I reacted.  That was the day I went home and cried for about 30 minutes—hard—and solid.  I turned the shower on so that just in case Jeff came in—he wouldn’t hear me.  I was a mess!

I want so bad to do things right for Christ—to give HIM my everything—holding nothing back—with no complaining.  But there I was—complaining about the kids complaining…they were just being kids—they were hot and tired—and missing their mommas (a few of them).  We were hot and tired as well.  And missing our mama’s too…or maybe I was just missing several hours sleep.

I hurt all over.  My heart—my body—my emotions.  After getting home night after night of scrubbing and cleaning, getting the kitchen ready for breakfast cooking the next morning, I shower and crash into bed.  Not enough energy to even talk to poor Scooter. 23_27

Jeff is busy from one end of the camp to the other.  All day.  7 Days a week.  We have conversations in passing—and our love for each other is strong—knowing the tiredness of the other—praying for the other.

I noticed with my lack of rest, lack of devotions, I was lacking much.  I began to wake in the wee hours of the night—wide awake.  Prayer time.

Spending an hour in prayer and meditation on the Word—in the Word—and on God—began to do it’s healing work in my body.  Yes, I still ached—but it was different.  I knew that there would be that time awake in the night that I would crawl up into the lap of my heavenly Father and find rest for my aching body and soul.

You know friend, I learned much in the first week of camp.  I saw how my “lack” of time with the LORD would affect the way I reacted—in the heat of the moment (no pun intended). 

“Casting all your care upon Him for he cares for you”.  1 Peter 5:7 NKJV  But read all of that portion:  1 Peter 5:7-11.  You will find the Source of strength for the trouble that is seeking to devour you…and me.

Don’t wait another day- go to Him.  Find your peace—and rest for the weariness of your body and soul.


I must thank God for our great friends and awesome help that have been here all summer helping Jeff get ready for camp:  Ron and Nancy Smith.  Ron has helped Jeff with anything he required—and Nancy—helped in the office get ready for District Council, helped me with MANY tasks get ready for camp, from sewing curtains to cleaning the cafeteria!  (Besides ALL the other office work the ladies had her do!!!)  We are BLESSED!!!

Joining the Camp this year as Chef and Head Cook and Grill Master:  Jerry and Donece Hicks!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Camp will never be the same.  Thank you LORD for such awesome friends!

These two couples have true servants hearts.  (I’m learning.)

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