Day 2 Camp “Soak’d” (I think)

Y’all.  Really.  I never appreciated the camp cooks.  (Pictured, Chef Donece and counselor assistant, Heather.)

2011-06-14 Kids Camp 2011 Day 2 001Today—totally I do.

My feet are killing me. The kids are precious.  The counselor assistant’s we have for the kitchen—are off the CHAIN! Totally.  But I’m still beat.

I’m going to show just a few highlights…mostly because I have GOT to get horizontal.  Really.  My feet may not cooperate tomorrow.  They almost didn’t want to move today!

The memories of past camps—when I came as a counselor have come back…did I tell the cooks “Thank you” enough?  Did I clean up after myself?  Did I teach the kids to be appreciative?

I went home for an hour this afternoon—and showered and changed before supper—we had an air conditioner go out…and it was HOT.  Put yourself there if you can…mentally.  Turn your oven on, turn off the air conditioner, and just keep the oven on…and stand CLOSE while the oven door is open…and it’s on HIGH.  Now don’t leave it when it gets warm…stay.  Feel the heat.  Feel the sweat pool?  And run??  Uhm…yeah.  So did we.2011-06-14 Kids Camp 2011 Day 2 026

My awesome husband brought us HUGE fans this evening for the supper meal.  (Which was homemade lasagna—Donece recipe!!) 

Thank you to the dream boat of my LIFE!  I am BLESSED!  We will celebrate 29 terrific years on the last day of this month—terrific you say? Yes, I say.  Battles have come as they have in most lives, but the Anchor holds…if you hold to the right One.

Oh, sorry.  My mind wandered…I’m too tired to type more….

I will later.  Come back soon.  Thanks Heather for taking pictures for me again…I was


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