Memory Lane

This morning, I was blessed to have my mother and sister, Aimee join me for breakfast and devotions.  As we sat and shared fond memories—a few tears fell.  We felt the presence of the LORD in our midst.

Mother shared what she had been experiencing and thoughts from her heart and the Word—and Aimee did likewise.

I shared some of the “God events” of the week.  I told them how He had held my hand—and held me close as I walked through an area of rough terrain.  Spiritually speaking.  It was so rough as a matter of fact, that Nurse Aimee diagnosed my severe rash as “nerves”.  Hmmm.  Does that mean that I wasn’t “giving” all the problem to Christ?  —

We talked about how the hand of God has been filtering every detail—some things He kept us from—others He allowed us to walk through –and while we held HIS hand, He was glorified and we grew in our faith.

I am blessed with two daughters of my own.100_0096

They grew faster than I ever imagined…and now have their own children.

Where did the years go?

I come from a heritage of godly mothers.  They didn’t come to accept Jesus as their personal Savior early in life, but when they DID—HE impacted and changed their life as they never dreamed. 

Thanksgiving 2010The stories they could tell…

I wonder what they would say if they could meet our girls and their children now….

Would they know that we’ve tried our best to lead by example? 

Would they know we have carried the torch that they lit when they began their walk with the LORD?

I imagine if we talked about sleepless nights filled with worry and tears—prayers on our knees, they would share some similar.

Those two grandmothers of mine—finished their course well.  They’ve passed through the portal of this life and time into eternity—they dwell in paradise with the LORD.  And we will soon….

I am blessed with a mother who represented Christ in our home growing up—and we knew we could count on her to pray.  Always.  I hope that I’ve been that same kind of mother to my girls.  I hope that they both will be that kind of mother to their children.  Always.

Thank you for joining me on this little trek down memory lane.  It’s fun sometimes to reminisce.  When doing so I am always conscious of the hand of God in our lives…and am so very thankful.

To all the mothers out there reading today—I pray that you have an incredibly blessed “Mothers Day”.  This slide show is a “re-run” from one from a few years ago.  I hope you enjoy!


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