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What Community Looks Like Up Close

Saturday I was honored to snap some pictures of my niece before her Senior Prom.  What a milestone.

Seems like just last week she was toddling around…and now, here she is about to step out into life full force.
As I took pictures at Lake Seminole of her, many parents, grandparents and other “Prom Attendee’s” began to drive up.  This was an upclose look at “Community in Action”. 

The grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, were just as excited as the Seniors about this part of their life.

I found out later from my sister, Aimee that all the parents arrived at the prom around 10:00 to take the pictures of the traditional “Senior Walk”.  Wow.  I was most likely asleep at that time–so I don’t have those pictures, but I do have some sweet ones to share.

Let’s show appreciation for moms and dads, aunts, uncles and cousins, grandparents (they brought folding chairs to sit in while all the picture taking and posing took place)–and say a hearty “Thank You”–for helping these great young folks get to the place they are today–a place of readiness to face the world…and all it has to offer–letting go of the hands that held them tight all their lives, and holding out their hands to the Creator, God the Father and all that HE has in store.

You know, all of these pictured, even those behind the camera lense, may not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, but I’m so glad–that any point in life can be a starting point with Him.

What about you?  Do YOU know HIM?

The great God of all this world is behind the camera lense of your life…snapping pictures away–what are you giving HIM to work with?

Happy Graduation y’all!

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