When Disaster Strikes

Who do you call?

Where do you turn?!cid_523EE97779DB4F35BFE0565A988A7328@FredsPlumbinPC

The day the tornados hit Alabama and changed it’s landscape forever—everyone was going about their business as usual.  But in a matter of seconds, business as usual changed forever.

Jeff spoke with a young man last week and learned that he lost “30” close friends in the life altering events of catastrophic weather.

Growing up in a faith based home—where we called on God for everything—we saw Him deliver us from many things—walk us “through” many things—and save us “out of” many things.  THIS is something we have never faced.  We have faced fire, deaths, health crisis, family drama, but not this.

In talking with my sister Aimee last week she shared this:  “Everything in our lives has to go through the filter of God first.  Just like Job.  His disaster’s were not a surprise to God— God didn’t keep it from happening.  God filters what happens and what is kept “from happening” in our lives on a daily basis.”

The question for many is “why”.  Why THIS horrendous occurrence.  I have to remind myself—that good and bad rains on the just and the unjust alike.  Just because we serve God with all our hearts does not keep bad things from happening in our lives.  BUT serving God does give us a Rock and Comforter that those who walk away from God does not have.

In my darkest valleys—when I felt all my world was crashing down—I felt God.  I knew God was there—Did the problem go away?  Not exactly.  I had to walk through it just like anyone else would.  But I had a hand to hold me.  I had the knowledge that God was by my side the entire time.  I knew that.  I felt that.

Have there been times when I didn’t feel God in the storms of life?  !cid_CA99BBE189244BF590D4B83D0D7B7099@FredsPlumbinPC

Yes.  Truthfully, I have had those days where I felt like I was drowning and there was no hand to save me. 

Yet He was there.  And the moment I took my focus off of all that was “wrong” and put my eyes on Him—He reached down and lifted me up.  Many times He sent “a friend” to help me.  A friend that leant a shoulder—and prayed that prayer of faith when I felt mine was all but gone.

That is what our mission team is doing next week.  Lending hands and shoulders—and backs.  They are going to Alabama to work on the clean-up efforts in some of the areas hardest hit.  They will appreciate your prayers.  Also, if you would like to lend support in other ways, I am sure you can contact the churches in those areas, or the Red Cross to see how you can be effective –in lending a hand and heart to those in need.

Many lost loved ones—their homes—possibly their jobs.  So many lives are changed forever by the winds that blew through Alabama.  But we can extend to them the love of Christ through help with clean up, financial support, prayer—and being there to listen to their story.

I thank Randy Robbins from Alabama—who is one of this storms survivors.  His story is nothing short of miraculous.  These photographs came from his e-mail.

Continue to pray for all those picking up the pieces of their lives.

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