What He’s Done…is aMaZinG


In some recent writing (not online), I was taken back quite a few years.

Over 30 years to be precise.  Hard to look back at life’s mountains—valleys, tunnels and yes, even dump sites.  That is where we throw all the trash right?  In the dumps of life?

I look back at the stinky—rotten attitude I had as a teenager.  I wonder sometimes why Mother didn’t just push my sassy-selfish self right out the door.

Do you know why?

Because she loved me.  Even though I was so unlovable at times.  Not all the time, but on those unlovable times, it was “very” unlovable.

You know who else loved me in those days of immense ugly?  Christ Jesus.

He loved me all the way to my soul.  Not my sin—my selfish ways—or my sassy heart.  But He loved the Angie He knew He would eventually see. 

When I stopped living for me and began living for Him.

He loves you too.  Did you know that?  With all the filth in your heart and head—and all the attitude that you sport—HE loves YOU. 

Not the junk you carry—He wants to relieve you of that.  He doesn’t love the habits that are destroying your body and soul…but friend, He loves the YOU that HE created.  The YOU He is wanting YOU to see… And be.

I don’t know you by name.  But He does.

I don’t know the ugly that you’ve been.

But He does.

I may not ever cross your path.

But He will.  Actually, you will cross His path.  One day very soon as a matter of fact.  You will stand before Him with all the stuff you’ve clung to in your heart—thinking that surely all the things you could accumulate would bring you great happiness and satisfaction.

Has it?  Brought you happiness I mean.

I didn’t think so.  It’s momentary—fleeting even.  Just like the Bible says our troubles are.  Momentary.  Our eternal joy far outweighs what we endure here on this earth.  Nothing that you yearn for here will bring you any amount of satisfaction like a relationship with Jesus Christ can—and will once you open your life and heart to Him.

Talk to Him and see for yourself.  Honestly.  Don’t hold back.

I’m telling you….His grace—It’s amazing.


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