Mission of Mercy

One Child Matters

(borrowed from Mission of Mercy site)


Whether it’s our sponsorship program providing practical help and hope for the future, or making surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor possible, it’s about One child.


This is our passion – children. We provide the opportunity for them to become productive leaders and effect change in their families and communities. To change a culture, we start with one Child.


To matter is “to have importance or consequence.” Think of how your own child has significance in your life – you would stop at nothing to protect your child from danger or harm. Whether a child attends a school in India or lives in the bush of Africa, that child Matters to us – and we are called to provide them opportunity and hope in Christ.
(the above content was borrowed from Mission of Mercy)

Now just to let you know–I shared this to get their message out there to you.

When we arrived we learned many things.  First, many children come to the center, they are loved on and treated with the kindness of Christ.  However, due to fund limitations, they can only help those who are sponsored by our dollars.  $34 a month will sponsor a child in all areas.  From feeding them, medical needs, to learning –the Child Development Center meets those needs through the support provided by sponsorship in Mission of Mercy.  Helping transform their lives through Jesus Christ–as we are HIS hands and feet, we impact their health care through the integration of all aspects of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social.

Today we will have church with them—pray that it does NOT rain.  We will trek down a steep hill (minor mountain) and it is like Holmes County clay.  The bus cannot drive far and we walk….while I have not been told that it would be impossible if it rains…it does appear that it would be!

We went on our first of several home visits yesterday.  I would not take pictures of the inside for fear of causing them to feel self conscious about their living conditions.  The main room had two mattresses up on concrete blocks, and a table and 2 stackable chairs for guests.  The next room which had something like a sheet covering the door way-beyond that was the kitchen and a dirt floor.  We were welcomed, talked briefly about the mother’s child who is enrolled in the program and prayed with the family before we left.

The following pictures are self-explanatory.  I took them while on the way to the home visit with the family yesterday.  Pray for them.  Oh, one more thing….while viewing, imagine children singing while doing their laundry outside and hanging them on bushes, fences and whatever else they could find.  (That is what we experienced)

We went to this home with a couple of guides, women cannot travel alone in this area-we go in small groups.

Living conditions in the village where we are working. Very crowded-very poor.

A long way from Wal-Mart.

The picture above with Krystal and her sponsored child and family are considered in better financial position than most.  Many are single moms with very little support.

We are out of breath–but so glad we were able to visit the family!  Why am I leaning forward?  Probably because I am afraid I will roll back down the hill!
This is after the church service with the women.  They were all given a gift pack after church and were so grateful.  Most all of them hugged and thanked us as they left the school.  Sincerity written on their faces.  I had to wonder…if we had to walk the road they travel–would we bother going to church?  When we don’t have our creature comforts–the murmuring and complaining starts (I’m guilty myself). 
Aaron found him a painting partner, Elmin.  The little boy with the red cap is “Carlos”.  He was very much ALL over the place!  Getting in to things…he painted a poor black dog with several white streaks….harassing anyone that stopped long enough to listen.  I told someone–he will more than likely be a preacher–or a missionary! 🙂  (Not that they harass anyone–but the fact that he has more energy than he knows what to do with!)
The young people did a GREAT job painting what we didn’t finish while we were in the women’s service!  Your kids can really work moms, so no matter what they say when they get home….they know how to do a LOT of stuff!  Hand ’em a paint brush–or broom!
We are headed to church in about 30 minutes.  Yes-we will walk down that hill (minor mountain) in dresses/skirts and then back up when service is over.  The church that is attached to the school….and I ask you to pray.  If you don’t remember why…go back and read the post where I showed you the razor wire on top of the school.
All send their LOVE back home—thank you for your prayers…will get some interviews with the “first timers” on this mission trip to send back home!
Love to all.  (I especially love my sweet man!–Hey darlin’ pie!) 🙂
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