Saturday Night and Sunday Activities

If the slide show goes too fast to read the captions, click on the slide show and you will go straight to the page where I created it.

Busy day tomorrow! Painting–children’s activities–VBS with the kids!
(but for the Slang Nasty Rollers & Dobbers, Inc. will be painting only–stay tuned!)

Please continue to pray.  It rained tonight–the road may be messy–the bus NEEDS to get as far up the mountain it can before we start DOWN our portion of the other side!

A couple of the ladies have experienced some stomach issues, so pray for them as well.  Pray for strength for the work, blessings and protection on everyone involved.  It has been a good trip so far, and hopefully, I plan to share some interviews with the other “first timers” with you so you can see what this has been like for them!

Again, if you have any questions for the Mission of Mercy Country Coordinator, Tony Duron Figueroa, you may e-mail me or facebook me.  He is an AWESOME man of God!  He did an outstanding job tonight following Pastor Tommy in preaching and translating it for the Hondurans!  They REALLY enjoyed Pastor Tommy….but hey, we are all prejudice here! Who wouldn’t enjoy his preaching?  Oh right.  Those under conviction :).

Blessings on you all! 😉

And if you watched the youtube video of the plane landing at the Tegucigalpa —OUR landing…was more intense.  That’s all I’m gonna say.  (At least until I get home)


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4 responses to “Saturday Night and Sunday Activities

  • Denise

    Sis, prayers are not ceasing for all of you. Asking God to greatly bless your efforts. I love you.

  • LisaShaw

    It won't surprise you that I was deeply moved by every photo of PRAYER — personal times of prayer and intercession. Seeing them come forward and surrender their hearts and lives to JESUS — ALL OF IT AWESOME!

    Prayed for Carlos.

    Prayed for all the children and adults that all of you are ministering to.

    Prayed for good health and traveling mercies for all of you.

    Prayed for the little girl in the orange tube top dress with head bowed and hands up. What a sight. Blessed my heart.

    May GOD continue to get ALL THE GLORY!!! for it's all about HIM!!


    Love you.

  • weezie

    Hey Mom! I miss you! I know you are having a blast!! You are touching many lives there and here!

  • Karen

    Wonderful pictures…and the little girl in the orange…what a precious prayerful pose…praise the Lord for this ministry!

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