Good Morning Tay Goo See Gawl Puh

Or something like that.
Today we will be going to the Child Development Center with our leader from Mission of Mercy.  (Tony)
(Pictured with Pastor Tommy Moore)
This was from last night’s supper meal–very good food!
And would you believe it? There are SISTERS OF FAITH here! 🙂
Stephanie Powell, Krystal Zepp, me and Marcella Scurlock
Today we will be painting, doing ministry with the moms and children.
AFTER we walk up the rear-end busting hill!  I will take a picture…it would be impossible in the rain as all the dirt looks like Holmes County CLAY.
We won’t talk about the stuff….we found in the road….eeewww.
So, we will be back on here this evening…Lord willing and the internet continues to hold! 🙂
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